Tax Financial Advisers Licencing Course

Board-approved course in Australian Taxation and Commercial Law for Tax (Financial) Advisers

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Register or renew registration as a tax (financial) adviser with the Tax Practitioners Board

If you're a financial planner or adviser providing tax advice to your clients, you must be registered with the Tax Practitioners Board as a tax (financial) adviser.

To register or renew your registration as a tax (financial) adviser, you must meet certain qualifications and experience, including TPB-approved courses in Australian taxation law and Commercial law.

TPB-approved provider

Applied Education’s course for Tax (Financial) Advisers is approved for advisers to register or renew their registration with the Tax Practitioners Board (TPB).

Upon completion of the course you will receive a statement of attainment that you will be able to provide to the TPB as evidence that you have met the education requirements.

Certificate IV in Bookkeeping

As a Registered Training Organisation (ID 52240), we comply with the government’s strict quality and consistency standards. We conduct regular audits to ensure we keep this accreditation and deliver the level of training you deserve. The Tax Practitioners Board Course we offer for tax (financial) advisers in Australian taxation law and commercial law is recognised in all states and territories of Australia.

Commercial Law for Tax (Financial) Advisers Skill Set

Board-approved course in Australian Taxation and Commercial Law for Tax (Financial) Advisers

Units of Competency

FNSSS00006 - Commercial Law for Tax (Financial) Advisers Skill Set

The Tax (Financial) Adviser registration course consists of two units of study:

TPB Approved - Board approved course

Online Learning - Start any time

2-unit combo price $990 - Single unit $545 each

Developed in consultation with industry partner Tax & Super Australia

Tax Payers Australia Membership

Course Information

The cost to complete the tax (financial) advisers course depends on the number of units required, either one or both units.

Single units: $545 each

Combo price for two units: $990

Please note that textbooks are also required to be purchased separately from the publisher.

Concessions on Courses

Concession pricing is available for eligible students as per the Student Handbook. Proof of concession must be provided at the time of enrolment; please contact us to apply for a concession rate when enrolling.

Refund Policy

Refer to the Student Handbook for our refund policy. This course includes a non-refundable administration fee of $250.

The maximum duration for the Tax (Financial) Advisers course is 6 months. Most students require a minimum of 80 study hours per unit.

However, this is a guide only. As your learning is delivered online, the time it will take to complete is flexible and dependent on your ability, knowledge and time available, it is important that you choose a pace that suits your needs.

Online study is a convenient, effective and affordable way to learn when and where you want.

We provide you with the following:

  • Quality materials
  • Videos and webinars
  • Amazing Support from our assessors and student support team
  • Online assessments and exams
  • Student Facebook group

The course has been developed to give you flexibility so that you can study at your own pace, in your own time and in your own environment. The best part is, with Applied Education we provide a high level of support for all our students and are here with you in your study journey.

The Tax Practitioners Board Licensing Units for tax (financial) advisers require the purchase of textbooks direct from the publisher. Instructions on how to order these will be provided with your enrolment. 

The learning materials are packed with high quality content and are supported by access to our team of qualified Trainers and Assessors.

Additional learning materials, assignments and the final assessments for the course are accessed via our online learning platform, which you can log into at any time. You can also download the handy Applied Education App.

Students will also receive an electronic version of the Tax Summary (valued at $149) provided free of charge with the course.


Before participating in Tax (Financial) Advisers Registration Course Before starting this course, you will be required to complete a Language, Literacy and Numeracy (LLN) questionnaire. This quick questionnaire is used to determine your LLN skill level so that we can best support you in your studies.

Introductory Requirements & Units

The Introductory Requirements include an Oral Communication Skills Assessment and a Work Health and Safety Assessment.

The Unit assessments and examinations are completed using a variety of methods and are submitted via our online student portal. They are open book, from either your home, office or classroom, and comprise theoretical and practical exercises.


Tax Practitioners Board Licensing Course units include an exam component, which needs to be independently supervised. Exams are three-hour, open-book assessments comprising of short answer and multiple choice questions, very similar in format to the unit assessments.

Exams must be completed within your course duration period. Prior to your exam, you will need to complete and return the Supervisor Nomination Form to Applied Education detailing your supervisor's information, contact details and the elected date of your assessment.

Exams can be undertaken at any location and time of your choosing, with the only condition being that you have a nominated, independent supervisor present. Your supervisor can be a person of responsibility such as a registered tax agent, member of an accounting professional body, public servant, doctor, nurse, police officer, director etc. who does not have a close personal or professional relationship with you.

If you cannot arrange a supervisor then we offer the following options for conducting your supervised assessment:

Skype Online - online supervised exam with one of our staff members

If you require supervision of an assessment by Applied Education, additional costs may apply. Refer to Student Handbook.

There are no formal prerequisites to undertake the Australian Taxation and Commercial Law units required by the Tax Practitioners Board for tax (financial) advisers.

Please ensure, however, that all the requirements stipulated by the Tax Practitioners Board have been considered prior to enrolling in this course. 

Microsoft Windows is the required operating system for the study of this course as all student data files are supplied in Windows format.

You will also need Microsoft Office word processing, spreadsheet and presentation software.

Internet access – a reliable internet connection is required. All data files and learning activities are available via our student platform.

Mac Users:
If you only have access to a Mac computer then you need to either purchase and install on your mac a windows emulator such as "parallels" to run windows on a Mac at your own cost, or if you have a Windows OS software licence use the free in built Mac Boot Camp assistant on your Mac Computer.

Applied Education uses the Microsoft Windows operating system and we are unable to support issues relating to a Mac computer.

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