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Why Re-Skilling remains a hot topic discussed by 10’s of Thousands of Workers During the Epidemic

April 30, 2020

Why this is the time to start up-skilling and re-skilling. Confidence in the Australian job security is slowly deteriorating every day. Confusion and uncertainty are looming over this unprecedented economic disaster. “With the Australian unemployment rate expected to reach 10% — or 1.4 million out of work — amid the coronavirus pandemic, job seekers are […]

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Applied Education is recognised for good practice in assessment by IBSA

August 25, 2015

Innovation & Business Skills Australia (IBSA), in conjunction with Learning Australia, has prepared a series of case studies that illustrate good practice in assessment in the six industry sectors that are covered by the training packages managed by IBSA and Applied Education was selected to take part in this project to highlight industry best practice. […]

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