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Payroll Administration Course Online

Become a Payroll Professional - Online course for payroll officers

Latest Content - Includes new Single Touch Payroll Phase 2 Requirements

Payroll short course for Payroll Officers, Human Resources and Payroll Administrators

Learn how to process payroll for your employees. Understand legal obligations such as entitlements, superannuation, PAYG, allowances, leave and Payroll Tax with this comprehensive Australian Payroll online course.

The Certificate in Payroll Administration course is the perfect short course for anyone wishing to update their payroll skills, kick-start their payroll career or gain recognition and enhance employment opportunities. No prior knowledge of payroll is required.

This course includes specific legislation for all states in Australia and is suitable to be undertaken Australia wide. Includes the latest ATO rates and rulings. Understand Payroll theory, then apply your payroll knowledge to administer payroll in accounting software packages. Answer employee payroll queries confidently and backed up by referencing ATO, state and federal legislation and rulings.

Nationally Recognised Courses Also Available
  • 47 Part Course

  • Online Learning

  • 6 CPD hours

  • Certificate of completion

  • Instant access, start NOW!

  • Experts in Payroll Training

    Delivering this course Australia-wide since 1999 to over 20,000 students

  • Online Video Tutorials

    Start any time and study at your own pace. Instant access to PDF manual and course tutorials.

  • Support Group

    Access our Bookkeeping & Accounting Study Group

  • Training Manual

    Comprehensive manual written in-house and updated every year to reflect latest changes in legislation.

Payroll Administration in Australia Course Options

Online Learning
Payroll Course

47 Part Course

$279 RRP $349

Instant Access Anytime
Includes digital learning material
6 CPD Hours
Learn Australian Payroll
12 Months Access

Online Learning Bundle
5 Course Bundle

Instant Access Online

$556 RRP $695

Payroll Administration - 47 Part Course
Salary Packaging - 38 Part Course
Terminations Workshop - 17 Part Course
GST & BAS Workshop - 20 Part Course
Budgeting and Forecasting - 20 Part Course

Not sure which course is right for you? Call us on 1800 678 073 for a consultation with a course coordinator or book an enrolment consultation.

Payroll Course Overview

After this Payroll Online Training, participants will have covered:

  • New Payroll Changes
  • Payroll Management
  • Procedures and forms for new employees
  • Allowances
  • Payroll tax
  • Deductions (Employee Purchases, Child Support)
  • When to withhold PAYG and current ATO thresholds
  • ATO reporting and payment obligations
  • Superannuation (Super Guarantee, Reportable Employer Superannuation Contributions, Salary Sacrifice Super)
  • Annual leave and termination payments
  • Workers’ compensation
  • National Employment Standards and the Fair Work Act
  • Reporting payroll information on your BAS and Activity Statements
  • Single Touch Payroll

New updated payroll course including the latest ATO rates and rulings

The legal obligations surrounding payroll and taxation place a significant burden on every employer, but getting on top of this vital area is easier than it seems. This Payroll Administration training course offers an effective way of gaining up-to-date knowledge on payroll preparation and taxation procedures.

What you will learn

  • Latest changes and rules for the current financial year for Payroll Staff including ATO Tax Rulings and Determinations
  • The introduction of single touch payroll
  • Workplace Gender Equality Act 2012 – Reporting requirements
  • Procedures and forms for new employees
  • Allowances paid to employees and withholding PAYG. Where to report on payment summary such as allowances box or gross wages;
    • Car allowance and PAYG withholding
    • Set rate per km car allowance
    • Overnight travel allowances
    • Tool allowances
    • Paying superannuation on allowances
  • Payroll tax
    • Rates of payroll tax in WA, QLD, NSW, VIC, TAS, NT, SA, ACT
    • Discussion on contractors and payroll tax
  • Deductions from employee net wages such as
    • Employee Purchases
    • Child Support
    • Donations
  • Tax rates to withhold PAYG from wages and current ATO thresholds
  • Introduction to Fringe Benefits Tax
  • ATO reporting and payment obligations for BAS and IAS for W1 and W2
  • Superannuation
    • Changes to superannuation deductibility and the effect on salary sacrifice
    • First home super saver scheme
    • Super Guarantee and thresholds
    • Reportable Employer Superannuation Contributions
    • Member Voluntary Super
    • Salary Sacrifice Superannuation & Payroll
  • Leave calculations and entitlements under Fairwork Australia and the National Employment Standard
    • Annual leave
    • Personal leave
    • Long service leave
    • Community service leave
    • Leave without pay
    • Termination payments and leave entitlements
    • Redundancy
  • Workers’ compensation
  • National Employment Standards and the Fair Work Act
  • Reporting payroll information on your BAS and Activity Statement

1.1 - Forms and Tax File Number Declaration
1.2 - Withholding Variation
1.3 - Employing Foreign Nationals

2.0 - Fairwork Introduction
2.1 - Maximum Weekly Hours
2.2 - Flexible Working Arrangements
2.3 - Fairwork Information Statement
2.4 - Notice of Termination and Redundancy
2.5 - Awards
2.6 - Federal Minimum Wage
2.7 - Agreements
2.8 - Engaging Contractors - Intro
2.9 - Unfair Dismissal
2.10 - Workplace Gender Equality Act

3.1 - PAYG Withholding
3.2 - Tax Withheld Calculators
3.3 - Other Deductions
3.4 - Withholding Variation Applications

4.0 - Commissions Bonuses and Allowance Introduction
4.1 - Bonus PAYG Calculation
4.2 - Commissions PAYG
4.3 - Allowances

5.1 - Introduction and age Percentage
5.2 - Superannuation Exemptions
5.3 - Maximum Earnings Base
5.4 - Contribution Periods
5.5 - TFN's and Super
5.6 - Quoting TFN's
5.7 - Reportable Employer Superannuation Contributions
5.8 - Co Contribution
5.9 -Super oice and Super Steam
5.10 -Director Penalty Notices, Contractors and Tax Deductibility

6 - Workcover

7.1 - Annual Leave
7.2 - Personal Carers and Compassionate Leave
7.3 - Unpaid Parental Leave
7.4 - Long Service Leave
7.5 - Community Service Leave and Public Holidays
7.6 - Domestic Violence and Paid Parental Leave
7.7 - Taking Annual Leave

8 - Record Keeping

9.1 - Year End Requirements and Lump Sums
9.2 - Lump Sum E
9.3 - Employment Termination Payments

10 - Payroll Tax

11 - Activity Statements

12 - Tax Agent Services Act

13 - Single Touch Payroll

New August 2022 - Includes Single Touch Payroll Phase 2

Payroll Online Training Course Information

  • Digital Certificate of Completion
  • 6 Hours CPD
  • Short online assessment to test your knowledge is included on the Student Learning platform.
  • Certificate of Completion is available after the online quiz as a printable PDF and includes a QR code to verify authenticity.

Certificate shown are for illustration purpose only.

Most students complete the Online Payroll Course in around 6 hours and the classroom course is a full day. You will have 12 months access to the tutorials. Study online at a pace that suits your personal situation.

  • Online Access to Learning Tutorials
  • Course Presentation Slides
  • Electronic PDF Course Guide
  • Resources and Publications Where Applicable 

The course content is accessed via our online student portal, with additional resources, extra learning materials also available. Please note due to copyright the electronic manuals cannot be printed. Hard copies can be ordered when enroling in your course.

Payroll & Accounts Training Bundle

Payroll, Salary Packaging, Terminations, BAS & GST online training bundle

Save $401 off RRP $1096

Over 10 hours of on-demand tutorials

Detailed training manuals in PDF format (non printable)

Access anytime

Certificates of completion & CPD Hours for each course

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