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Salary Packaging Online Course & FBT Workshop

Payroll & HR professionals Salary Packaging Training

Learn how to manage salary packaging remuneration, employee benefits and pay less tax

The comprehensive online Salary packaging and Fringe benefits tax (FBT) training course will update you on the latest in remuneration management for staff at all levels. The course has been updated, including the most recent ATO rates and rulings for FBT.

Offering salary packaging in Australia is an essential tool for maximising the value of remuneration to the employee while minimising the costs to the employer. Ultimately giving employees more disposable income and pay less tax by paying for benefits out of pre-tax income.

This course is suitable for anyone working in payroll, bookkeeping, human resources, accounting and administration. No prior knowledge of salary packaging is required.

  • Online Learning

  • Study at your own pace

  • 38 Part course

  • 6 CPD hours

  • 12 Months unlimited access

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Experts in Salary Packaging Training

Applied Education have been delivering this course Australia wide since 1999, and have had over 20,000 attendees.

Training Manual

Our comprehensive manual has been developed in house and is updated each year to reflect latest changes in legislation.

Online Learning

Start any time and study at your own pace. Instant access to PDF manual and course tutorials.

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Online Learning
Salary Packaging

38-part course

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Electronic manual included, plus 12 months unlimited access

Follow along with the sample exercises provided

6 CPD hours

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Salary Packaging Online Course Overview

  • Understanding the legislative framework of Fringe Benefits Tax FBT
  • How to access salary packaging for your employees and salary sacrifice fringe benefits out of pre-tax income
  • Total employment costing model and industry standards for salary packaging
  • Salary Packaging Benefits exempt from fringe benefits tax
  • Employers guide to salary sacrifice superannuation, super guarantee, super contributions and paying the super fund.
  • Concessional organisations & PBI Training
  • The complete guide to motor vehicle salary packaging
  • Car Fringe Benefits & Novated Lease payroll guide
  • Remote areas and relocation benefits
  • Administration options in packaging
  • Examination of example packages
  • The effect on payment summaries and employees overall tax position
  • Advanced salary packaging

What you will learn

Salary Packaing Course includes manual and training delivered by course presenter

Chapter 1.1 - Introduction
Chapter 1.2 - Definition and Model Types
Chapter 1.3 - How Packaging Works
Chapter 1.4 - Advantages and Disadvantages
Chapter 1.5 - Important points
Chapter 1.6 - What Can Be Packaged
Chapter 1.7 - Tax on the Cash Component
Chapter 1.8 - Tax on the Non-Cash Benefits FBT
Chapter 1.9 - Chapter Examples
Chapter 1.10 - About FBT
Chapter 1.11 - Steps In Introducing TEC
Chapter 1.12 - Salary Sacrifice FBT Calculation and salary packaging examples

Chapter 2.1 - Introduction
Chapter 2.2 - Notebook
Chapter 2.3 - Notebook Example
Chapter 2.4 - Exempt Cars
Chapter 2.5 - Other Exempt Benefits
Chapter 2.6 - Minor Benefits Exemption
Chapter 2.7 - Salary Sacrifice Super
Chapter 2.8 - Superannuation Tax Savings

Chapter 3.1 - Public Benevolent Institution, Definition and Example
Chapter 3.2 - PBI Entertainment
Chapter 3.3 - Public and Not for Profit Hospitals
Chapter 3.4 - Rebatable Organisations

Chapter 4.1 - Introduction - Advantages and disadvantages of car salary packaging
Chapter 4.2 - Statutory Formula Method
Chapter 4.3 - Ex 1: Statutory Formula
Chapter 4.4 - Operating Cost
Chapter 4.5 - Ex 1: Operating Cost
Chapter 4.6 - Log Books
Chapter 4.7 - MV Salary Sacrifice Calculation
Chapter 4.8 - Packaging a Toyota Corolla
Chapter 4.9 - Example 2
Chapter 4.10 - MV Ownership Options, Novated Lease
Chapter 4.11 - Luxury cars
Chapter 4.12 - Car Parking

Salary packaging examples for cars

Chapter 5.1 - In-house Fringe Benefits Tax-Free Threshold
Chapter 5.2 - Housing Fringe Benefits
Chapter 5.3 - Meal Entertainment
Chapter 5.4 - Property Fringe Benefits
Chapter 5.5 - Residual Benefits
Chapter 5.6 - Expense Payment Fringe Benefits

Chapter 6.1 - Relocation
Chapter 6.2 - Remote Area Benefits
Chapter 6.3 - Living Away From Home Allowance

Chapter 7.1 - Reportable Fringe Benefits and completing the FBT Tax Return

Course Information

  • Digital Certificate of Completion
  • 6 Hours CPD
  • Short online assessment to test your knowledge is included on the Student Learning platform.
  • Certificate of Completion is available after the online quiz as a printable PDF and includes a QR code to verify authenticity.

Certificate shown are for illustration purpose only.

Most students complete the online salary packaging course in around 6 hours. You will have 12 months access to the tutorials. Study online at a pace that suits your personal situation.

  • Online Access to Learning Tutorials
  • Course Presentation Slides
  • Electronic pdf course guide
  • Resources and publications where applicable 

The course content is accessed via our online student portal, with additional resources, extra learning materials also available. Please note due to copyright the electronic manuals cannot be printed. Hard copies can be ordered when enroling in your course.

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