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Microsoft Access Course

Understand and build your own Access database

Microsoft Access Training

Microsoft Access helps you store all kinds of information for reporting, analysis, and reference. With this, you can manage data more efficiently and analyze large amounts of information. In this course, understand the basics of Access tables, queries, forms and reports; Plan and create databases, with tables and different types of fields; create powerful queries to and, update, append, and delete record; and Analyze and summarize database information with queries and reports.

New and updated course material as of June 2022. These courses are suitable for Microsoft Office 2016 versions through to the latest Microsoft 365 release.

Enrol anytime and study at a pace that suits you with 12 months access.

Online Learning

Start any time and study at your own pace
86-part course

$112 RRP $149

Affordable and convenient

Log in at any time to access the course material, so you can study the course at a time that fits in with your lifestyle or other commitments.

Electronic manual included, plus 12 months unlimited access to course material.

Follow along with the sample exercises provided.

6 CPD hours per course

Training manual and comprehensive resources included with course

Students will have 12 months' unlimited access to the electronic course materials. The online learning materials are packed full of high-quality content, step-by-step instructions with plenty of visuals and practice exercises offering exceptional value to the participant and valuable knowledge that can be accessed again and again.

- Microsoft Outlook 365 and 2016 course manual
- Handy Tips guide (key tips and tricks for using Outlook 365 and 2016)
- Quick Reference Guide

Corporate Pack 20 User Access

Enrol staff into
20 online courses


Upskill your team to match your business needs

Courses in Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Project, Access & Outlook

With our Corporate Training Package, you will receive a-20 user licence for your staff to get instant access to our online Microsoft courses. Browse our course menu and then enrol staff in the course they need for immediate access to comprehensive online learning materials, video tutorials and a Certificate of Participation on completion of the course.

Easy to use:

  1. Order and pay upfront.
  2. Receive an email with 20 enrolment coupons and steps to enrol your staff.
  3. Choose any single Microsoft course your staff require.
  4. Coupons valid for 12 months.
  5. When a coupon is activated the student has 12 months to complete the course.
  6. Get instant access to online courses!

Microsoft Access Course Details

Chapter 1-1 Start Screen and New Blank Database Page
Chapter 1-2 Understanding The Backstage View Page
Chapter 1-3 Understanding The Access 2016 Screen and Using The Ribbon Page
Chapter 1-4 Working With The Navigation Pane Adding Command To The QAT Page
Chapter 1-5 Touch Mode Working With A Table And Working With Other Database Objects Page
Chapter 2-1 Understanding How Access Stores Data and Data Types Page
Chapter 2-2 Scoping Your New Database and Identifying Table Problems Page
Chapter 2-3 Refining The Table Structures and Finalising The Design Page
Chapter 3-1 Creating A New Database File Lookup Table and Primary Key Page
Chapter 3-2 Creating The Transaction Table Page
Chapter 3-3 Connecting To A Lookup Table Page
Chapter 4-1 Opening An Exisiting Table and Adding Fields Page
Chapter 4-2 Changing Field Size Names Decimal Places and Date Formats Page
Chapter 4-3 Indexing Fields and Deleting Fields Copying And Deleting A Table Page
Chapter 5-1 Typing Records In A Table Page
Chapter 5-2 Adding Records Using A Form Saving A Form Layout and Adding Records to An Existing Form – Cop Page
Chapter 5-3 Importing From Microsoft Excel
Chapter 6-1 Typing and Adding Transactional Records and Subdata Sheets Page
Chapter 6-2 Typing Transactional Records and Adding Transactional Records – Copy Page
Chapter 7-1 Table Navigation and Navigating To Specific Records Page
Chapter 7-2 Editing Deleting Undoing Searching For Records Page
Chapter 7-3 Searching Finding Replacing Page
Chapter 7-4 Printing and Compacting a Table Page
Chapter 8-1 Simple Sorting and Sorting On Several Fields Page
Chapter 8-2 Working With Filters and Filtering Between Dates Page
Chapter 9-1 Understanding And Creating A Query Page
Chapter 9-2 Working With A Query And Changing The Query Design Page
Chapter 9-3 Applying Clearing And Saving A Query Page
Chapter 9-4 Running Querys From The Navigation Pane And Deleting A Query Page
Chapter 10-1 Creating A Basic Report Page
Chapter 10-2 Working With Existing Reports and Previewing And Printing A Report Page
Chapter 10-3 Changing The Report Layout Page
Chapter 10-4 Using The Report Wizard and Creating A Grouped Report Page
Chapter 10-5 Creating A Statistical Report and Working With Grouped Reports Page

Chapter 11-1 Creating A Basic Form A Split Form and Binding A Form To A Query Page
Chapter 11-2 Using The Form Wizard and Working With Existing Forms Page
Chapter 11-3 Editing And Deleting Records In A Form Page
Chapter 11-4 Deleting An Unwanted Form Page
Chapter 12-1 Assigning Default Values and Validating Numbers Page
Chapter 12-2 Validating Rules And Text Page
Chapter 12-3 Setting Required Fields and Working With Validation Page
Chapter 13-1 Chaging Column Widths and Formatting Cells In A Table Page
Chapter 13-2 Changing Fonts and Moving Columns In A Table Page
Chapter 13-3 Freezing Columns Hiding and Unhiding Columns In A Table Page
Chapter 14-1 Modifying A Saved Query Page
Chapter 14-2 Creating And Or Queries Page
Chapter 14-3 Querying Numeric Data and Querying Dates Page
Chapter 14-4 Using A Range Expression and Querying Opposite Values Page
Chapter 14-5 Moving Fields In A Query and Sorting Query Data Page
Chapter 14-6 Removing Fields From A Query and Querying Using Wildcards Page
Chapter 14-7 Querying With A Lookup Table and Sorting Query Data Numerically Page
Chapter 14-8 Displaying NULL Values and Querying For Uniqueness Page
Chapter 15-1 Creating A Parameter Query Page
Chapter 15-2 Displaying All Records Page
Chapter 15-3 Using Parameters To Display A Range Page
Chapter 15-4 Using Parameters In Expressions Page
Chapter 15-5 Using Parameters With Wildcards
Chapter 16-1 Creating A Calculated Field and Formatting Calculated Fields Page
Chapter 16-2 Summarising Data Using A Query and Changing The Grouping Page
Chapter 16-3 Calculating WIth Dates and Using Criteria In Calculations Page
Chapter 16-4 Concatenating String Fields Page
Chapter 17-1 Switching Between Form Views and Selecting Form Objects Page
Chapter 17-2 Working With A Control Stack and Changing Column Widths Page
Chapter 17-3 Moving Controls On A Form and Aligning Controls Page
Chapter 17-4 Changing Label Captions Page
Chapter 17-5 Adding An Unbound Control and Adding A Control Source Page
Chapter 17-6 Checking The Current Tab Order and Changing The Tab Order Page
Chapter 17-7 Inserting The Date Into The Form Header Page
Chapter 18-1 Creating A Multiple Item Form Page
Chapter 18-2 Typing Into A Form Layout and Disabling Fields Page
Chapter 18-3 DIY Sub Forms and Removing Sub Form Redundancy Page
Chapter 18-4 Splitting And Merging Layout Cells and Adding An Easy Lookup Field Page
Chapter 18-5 Adding Buttons To A Form and Adjusting Form Properties Page
Chapter 19-1 Creating Navigation Macros Page
Chapter 19-2 Accessing Event Macros Page
Chapter 19-3 Creating Unassigned Buttons Page
Chapter 19-4 Programming An Event and Running An Event Macro Page
Chapter 19-5 Modifying An Event Macro Page
Chapter 19-6 Setting Echo Off Page
Chapter 19-7 Adding A Close Button Page
Chapter 19-8 Creating A Search Macro and Running The Search Macro Page
Chapter 19-9 Naming A Macro And Referencing Macro Sheet Macros Page
Chapter 20-1 Creating A Simple And More Complex Navigation Form And Creating The Navigation Form Page Tabs
Chapter 20-2 Creating Subsidiary Forms And Adding Additional Subsidiary Pages
Chapter 20-3 Editing Page Tab Names And Applying A Theme
Chapter 20-4 Modifying Properties And Automatically Starting The Navigation Form

  • Digital Certificate of Completion
  • 6 Hours CPD
  • Short online assessment to test your knowledge is included on the Student Learning platform.
  • Certificate of Completion is available after the online quiz as a printable PDF and includes a QR code to verify authenticity.

Certificate shown are for illustration purpose only.

Most students complete the online course in around 6 hours. You will have 12 months access to the tutorials. Study online at a pace that suits your personal situation.

  • Online access to learning tutorials
  • Course presentation videos
  • Electronic pdf learner guide
  • Activity sheets and calculation templates

The course content is accessed via our online student portal with additional learning materials also available. Please note due to copyright the digital training manuals cannot be printed. Hard copies can be ordered when enrolling in your course.

Need to upskill staff or members of your organisation? The Microsoft Corporate Package includes 20 individual coupons to access the full suite of our Microsoft online courses from Word Introductory to Microsoft Project.

Each online course come with comprehensive online learning material, video tutorials and a Certificate of Participation on completion of the course.

Easy to use:

  1. Enrol now and pay upfront.
  2. Receive an email with 20 enrolment coupons for your staff and steps to enrol your staff.
  3. Coupons valid for 12 months.
  4. Choose any single Microsoft course your staff require.
  5. When a coupon is activated the student has 12 months to complete the course.
  6. Get instant access to online course.

Coupons are not valid for Microsoft bundles and hard copy manuals.

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