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Xero Accounting and Xero Payroll

Upskill With The Latest Xero Online Certificate Courses

Certificate in Xero Accounting and Certificate in Xero Payroll

Enrol in any of our comprehensive Xero Online courses to attain a strong command of Xero accounting software, Xero Bookkeeping and Xero Payroll. Save time and stress by studying the Xero course that matches your needs. Ideal for accounts administrators, accounts payable & receivable officer, accountants, bookkeepers and small business owners who are wanting to learn Xero accounting software.

New Course Release! Jan 2023 Payroll Course Latest Xero Interface and Lessons

  • Online Learning

  • 30+ parts per course

  • 5 CPD hours per course

  • Certificate of completion

  • Instant access, start NOW!

Xero Course Options

Certificate in Xero


Xero Bookkeeping Training Course

5 CPD Study Hours
Digital training manual included
Follow along with the practical exercises

$209 RRP $245

Payment Plan Available $31.67 per week for 9 weekly instalments

*Sale price valid pay up front in full only

Certificate in Xero


Xero Payroll Training Course

5 CPD Study Hours
Digital training manual included
Follow along with the practical exercises

$209 RRP $245

Payment Plan Available $31.67 per week for 9 weekly instalments

*Sale price valid pay up front in full only

Xero Bundle
Online Learning


Accounting, Payables & Receivables, Payroll and Advanced Courses

21 CPD Study Hours
Four course bundle
Digital training manuals included

$506 RRP $595

Payment Plan Available $70.56 per week for 9 weekly instalments

*Sale price valid pay up front in full only

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Xero Accounting and Payroll Online - What you will learn

Certificate in Xero Accounting

The Certificate of Xero Accounting training course comprises 32 training videos covering 7 key accounting modules of learning. In this online course you will learn to master Xero from setup of your accounting system, accounts payable and receivable through to completing the BAS (Business Activity Statement) in Xero, plus sales, purchases, customising invoices and bank reconciliations in Xero.

1. Fundamentals
Learn about the fundamentals of cloud computing and Xero, how to get started and navigating the dashboard menus.

  • Cloud computing
  • Set up Xero Learn account and Practice file
  • Xero dashboard navigation

2. Banking
Learn the cash reconciliation process including setting up bank accounts, tax codes plus automated bank feeds and rules. Plus the different methods used to reconcile transactions and the final bank reconciliation report.

  • Set up Bank Account
  • Tax Codes and Tax Rates
  • Bank Feeds
  • Reconciling Bank Accounts
  • Bank Rules - new and existing
  • Transaction Rules and One-offs
  • Cash Coding
  • Bank Reconciliation Reports

3. Xero Sales and Accounts Receivable
How to create a new sales invoice and email that invoice to a customer, and how to allocate both full and partial payments from customers finishing with creating our outstanding Accounts Receivable summary (Debtors).

  • Sales Invoice
  • Emailing Invoice
  • Outstanding Invoice
  • Customer Payment

4. Xero Purchases and Accounts Payable
Addresses the purchasing cycle, including how to create a new product, a new supplier, a new purchase request and how to match payments against purchases.

  • Creating a New Product
  • Creating a New Supplier
  • Purchase Overview
  • Batch Payment

5. Corrections and Adjustments
Learn about the transactions that impact the GST report and how to correctly allocate them.

  • Private Use Adjustment
  • Credits

6. Customise Invoice Settings
Shows you how to customise your invoices to suit your organisation and match your brand. You can create invoice templates, add your logo and select which financial information to be displayed on your invoice template.

7. BAS Preparation
Learn how to prepare and lodge your Business Activity Statements (BAS) in Xero.

  • Simpler BAS
  • Full Reporting BAS
  • Statement Security

Certificate in Xero Accounting Online Course

Certificate in Xero Payroll

The Certificate of Xero Payroll course comprises 32 training videos covering 11 key payroll modules of learning. If you manage Payroll then you understanding the importance of in-depth knowledge of payroll systems. This online course covers more that the essentials, it includes setting up Xero for New Employees, Leave, Superannuation, Xero STP Reporting and IAS preparation in Xero.

1. Fundamentals
Learn about the fundamentals of cloud computing and Xero, how to get started and navigating the dashboard menus.

  • Cloud computing
  • Set up Xero Learn account and Practice file
  • Xero dashboard navigation

2. Payroll Set-up
Learn all the necessary steps, including superannuation, required to set up payroll in Xero prior to processing a pay run.

  • Getting Started Checklist
  • Payroll Settings

3. Employee Set-up
Xero makes the process of creating new and editing existing employees easy. Work through all the steps with examples for full and part time employees and practice exercise.

  • Create new employee – example 1
  • Practice Exercise
  • Create new employee – example 2

4. Payroll Processing

  • Covers all the steps required to process a standard payrun.
  • Register for Single Touch Payroll -STP
  • Process a Payrun
  • Payrun journal
  • Pay Employees From Bank Account
  • Email Payslips

5. Allowances
Learn how to setup payroll categories for correct withholding and reporting requirements.

  • Car Allowance
  • Tool Allowance
  • Pay Run Including Allowances

6. Bonus
Learn the theory and practical steps required to process bonus payments.

  • Calculation Example
  • Payroll Set Up for Bonus
  • Pay Run – Including Bonus

7. Deductions
Employees may request additional amounts to be withheld from their pay, learn the processing an employee deduction using the example of trade union fees.

  • Union Fees
  • Create a Trade Union Payable Ledger
  • Payroll Set Up for Union Fees
  • Assign Union Fee Category to Employee
  • Pay Run – Including Union Fees

8. Leave
Covers the main components of Leave; how to calculate leave allowances manually and reconcile with Xero, how to review and approve requests, view submitted leave requests and report on leave liabilities.

  • Leave Calculation
  • Employee Portal
  • Leave Request
  • Payrun including leave
  • Practice Activity
  • Leave Reports

9. Superannuation
Covers both compulsory and voluntary superannuation contributions.

  • Create New Superannuation Fund
  • SGC - Accrual
  • Salary Sacrificed Superannuation – Gross Pay
  • Additional Employee Contributions – Net Pay
  • Pay Run - Superannuation
  • Superannuation Reports
  • Paying Superannuation Funds

10. End of Year Activities
Understand the basic year end functions required to be performed in Xero including finalising Single Touch Payroll for the year.

  • Checklist prior to Declaration
  • Year End Reports
  • STP Finalisation

11. IAS
Learn how to prepare and lodge your Income Activity Statement in Xero.

  • Simpler Instalment Activity Statement IAS
  • Full Reporting Instalment Activity Statement IAS

Xero Payroll Online Course

Sign Up & Start Now - Instant access to course.

  • Short online assessments to test your knowledge are included on the student learning platform with a Certificate of Completion available after the final online quiz.
  • Digital Certificate of Completion, available as a printable PDF and has a QR code to verify authenticity.
  • 5 Hours CPD each course - Xero Accounting and Xero Payroll

Certificate shown for illustration purpose only.

Most students complete each Online Xero Course in around 5 hours and the classroom courses, when available, are a full day.

  • You will have 12 months of access to the online tutorials, digital training manual and the Applied Education student portal.
  • Study online at a pace that suits your personal situation.
  • You can watch the videos and refer to the learning material on the Applied Education platform as often as you need.
  • Online Access to Learning Tutorials
  • Course Presentation Slides
  • Electronic PDF Course Manual
  • Resources and Publications Where Applicable

The course content is accessed via our online student portal, with additional resources and extra learning materials also available. Please note due to copyright the electronic manuals cannot be printed or edited. If you prefer hard copies when studying, they can be ordered and purchased when enrolling in your course.

Course Fees and Payment Plans

We understand not everyone has the financial resources upfront to invest in training, so we offer a 9-week payment plan to get you moving faster towards your future.

  • An administration fee of $40 is added for this option
  • All you need is a valid credit or debit card
  • Pay first weekly instalment on enrolment of course
  • Remainder to be paid over eight equal weekly instalments. Total of nine payments.

Refund Policy
Refer to the Terms and Conditions for our refund policy. There is a non-refundable administration fee of $50.

Internet access – a reliable internet connection is required. All data files and learning activities are available via the student platform.

Our Xero-Certified Trainers

Xero Accounting and Xero Payroll - Online or Classroom Course 1Brett Thornett

Brett has over 20 years experience at the forefront of accounting software training. Applied Education was one of the first companies in Western Australia to deliver and write Xero Accounting training courses, and we pride ourselves on our outstanding accounting knowledge and experience to deliver a thorough and comprehensive training course.

Xero Accounting and Xero Payroll - Online or Classroom Course 2Dan Logan

Dan is a Xero-certified trainer at Applied Education and a specialist in IT Systems & Applications and Project Management. His in-depth knowledge and practical experience in Enterprise Computing, Microsoft applications, Google Suite and more recently cloud architecture implementations. Dan’s passion in education began with his early role as a high school teacher.

Accounting Software Training bundles

Xero & MYOB Masterclass Bundles Available

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Choose A Bundle to suit your career - MYOB and Xero Bundles or the Complete Masterclass

Over 20-hours of on-demand tutorials

Detailed training manuals in PDF format (non printable)

Access anytime

Certificates of completion

Hands On Classroom Xero training

Latest Xero Interface & Features

Classroom learning of Xero is a convenient, effective and affordable way to learn. Hands on in class, each student has their own Xero demo company and works through the activities as a group with instructor led demonstration and assistance.

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