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Microsoft Excel Advanced training course

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microsoft excel 2016 training course

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Microsoft Excel Advanced training course

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203 reviews for Microsoft Excel Advanced

  1. Renoy Francis

    Found the course to be very useful. Highly recommend.

  2. Ruth

    It’s a good class; well paced and very useful.

  3. kelly

    Able to apply course material to work activity immediately making it well worth while.

  4. Sonya Laidley (verified owner)

    Excellent. Found it interesting and will help me a lot in my job. Downloading the sheets afterwards will allow you to work through the practial exercises at your own pace to help with reinforcement. Thank you

  5. Joce Mato

    In my opinion the course should be 2 days long to cover the whole book and to fit in assisted practical time. The course information is excellent, the tutor was very clear and well explained, the provided lunch was very nice and the location is convenient 🙂

  6. Tracey Russell

    Excellent course, however the afternoon session was rushed as there was so much to try and cover. I would prefer a 2-day course to enable more practical exercise time. However, having the worksheets downloadable makes it possible to continue the learning outside of the course. Great tutor.

  7. Steve

    Good course, taught well.

  8. Katie ♥

    Another awesome microsoft course. 🙂 the only problem was that there was a lot to cover in just one day..

  9. Jacinta Jakovcevic

    Attended Excel Advanced after having done Excel Intermediate yesterday – certainly a LOT of material to cover. Lorraine is an excellent teacher – but I found this particular course a little hard after having done Intermediate only yesterday – perhaps a better idea is to have done Advanced after some time had elapsed to give me a chnace ot digest all the Intermediate content.

    Wonderful courses – and the coursebooks are wonderful too !!

  10. Frances McCarhy (verified owner)

    Exellent course, the tutor was very professional and thoughtful on understanding when you needed to go over things again.

  11. Steve

    Great couse, Thanks Lorraine

  12. Deneil (verified owner)

    Tutor was clear, well informed, approachable and helpful.
    Great to have all of the course materials and workbooks to continue to work throught outside of the classroom.

  13. Heather Banach

    Felt the course was a bit rushed especially in the afternoon. Overall very good, Trainer was good and helpful. Did Intermediate yesterday and feel one should have a break between courses to practice one before moving on to the next one.

  14. Emma

    Great Course

  15. Jerry

    Useful and practical, will definately use many of the techniques in this course for my role.

  16. Jarrad (verified owner)

    Great course.
    Learnt alot from it.

    Thanks 🙂

  17. Michael Baxter

    Great course even if you only know the basics.

  18. Rachel

    Learnt a lot from today. The workbook directions are thorough and easy to follow. Lorraine is very patient and overall a great teacher.

  19. Mirella

    The material provided & trainer (Lorraine) was well organised and thorough.

  20. Paul

    grat course, very informative
    thanks Lorraine

  21. Kathryn Holder

    I really enjoyed the class, I thought it could have been a bit longer as it was quite a lot to take on board. Thanks

  22. Arkooliya Sherstobitova (verified owner)

    Fantastic presentation, easy explanations, friendly environment, useful knowledge. Exactly what I needed.
    Thanks a lot Lorraine.

  23. Natalie

    The material in the course will be very helpful in my current role. The examples were great to work from, and Lorraine was very knowledgable and helpful. Thanks 🙂

  24. Angie

    Great but needed a ilttle more time.

  25. Tammy Kelly

    The course details was very intense, but thanks to Lorraine, the course appeared much simplier. I cant wait to play with all the information.
    Thanks again.

  26. Daksh Kakkar (verified owner)

    Great Course and good knowledge to gain. But Too much to gain in one day .

  27. Emma Henwood

    Great course!!! great instructor. More time would have been great, maybe a day and a half course….
    would love to be able to excel advanced 2011 for Mac…

  28. Bill Tate

    Great, thanks

  29. Raquel Barros (verified owner)

    Fantastic work! Appreciate all your help Brett. I look forward to use my new skills. Thank you

  30. Stephen M

    Extremely helpful, well paced, adjusted course outline to suit needs of the class. Thanks.

  31. Claudette Jones

    Excellent skills presentation….I am happy wih the presenter

  32. Denae Clinton

    Thank you for anotherr great day Lorraine, A comprehensive look at Chart Tables, Pivot Tables and Macro’s.

    Thank You

  33. Elise

    Great Class !

  34. Paul (verified owner)

    Really good course and excellent workbook to take home. Only problem is if you are still using Excel 2003.

  35. Mauricio Quinteros

    Excellent course and very good presentation by the instructor

  36. Beth

    Very clear instruction however purpose of each function wasnt always so clear. Too much content for one day training.

    Aside from this, Lorraine is a very approachable trainer and accommodating to the different needs of the participants in the class.

    Enjoyable day, thank you.

  37. JL (verified owner)

    Very good course. Well presented.

  38. Tegan

    Very informative.

  39. Paola Demberger (verified owner)

    It was good, but it was a lot of information in short tim, should be Advance 2. Thanks

  40. Janelle

    Very informative, great instructor!


  41. sam

    very informative, could go into deeper detail

  42. Nicole

    Very Helpful

  43. Leah Kempers (verified owner)

    Great course, easy to understand, each step was explained well.

    Thanks again.

  44. Mark Tangney

    Excellent – a good refresher and some good tips even for those already a advanced level. Great instructor.

  45. Mal Kelly (verified owner)


  46. Claire Stabler

    Great, well paced course. Would recommend

  47. Belinda

    Very helpful and easy to follow. A good day and worhwhile

  48. Sandy (verified owner)

    Good Course !

  49. Clare

    Great course, learnt a lot. Thanks

  50. Brooke

    Brett was very thorough and the lesson was well taught to enable understanding.

  51. Melissa (verified owner)

    Good course, served as a good refresher on some topics, and an insight and education on others. Definitely recommended.

  52. Aaron

    Very informative course

  53. Malcolm Gibson

    A very good course. Was intended as a refresher course, but leaned some new features which should improve productivity. Well delivered and pace was appropriate.

  54. Pushpa Raghwani

    Very informative , good training . Easy understanding on certain grey area.

  55. Bronwyn Green

    instructor asks for our priorities so we can learn that which interests us most, and work through other sections of the work book by our selves, which is great if you already know certain sections

  56. Louisa Liland (verified owner)

    Highly recommended, trainer was clear and very helpful.

  57. Peter Rampellini (verified owner)

    Excellent course learnt plenty of practical information that I can apply at work. Lorraine was excellent and very patient with me

  58. Lu

    Relevant material to help me in my day to day duties.

    Thankyou Lorraine

  59. Tania Gibbs (verified owner)

    Not bad – Presenter very nice, however modules didn’t seem to flow

  60. Tania M

    Very good course learnt a few extra short cuts. Lorraine very self explanatory and patient.
    Thank you

  61. Davina Goh

    Not bad – Lorraine was nice 🙂

    Would prefer a little more structue to the course maybe a one page checklist

  62. Teresita

    Lorraine was very helpful. Happy on the course. Useful tools to help understand on the course. Thank you

  63. Ariana Brown

    Huge step between Intermediate and Advanced.

  64. Moira Beaman

    Thank you
    Very good course, now I need to go and study!
    Lorraine was excellent.

  65. Marie

    Informative and met my needs of understanding the various Excel functions.

    Thanks Lorraine. 🙂

  66. Sam (verified owner)

    Very helpful having the opportunity to practice the skills learned from each chapter prior to moving on to the next.

  67. Moira Beaman

    Excellent – Lorraine was very helpful.
    Now I have to go home and study!

  68. Bree (verified owner)

    Excellent course, teacher was very knowledgeable. Thanks!

  69. Pierre

    Very good course.
    Presenter was very clear and patient.
    Workbook material and exercise files were of good quality and helped a lot with the learning.

  70. jose (verified owner)

    very informative!

  71. Michael Andrews

    Lorraine knows her subject very well and allows students to move in their pace.

  72. Daniel

    Great knowledge and transfer, I would recommend Lorraine

  73. Jason Place

    Excellent course, life changing!

  74. Luke Krohn

    Really Great Course. Most Helpful

  75. Nashin Omar (verified owner)

    This was a great course. Really useful. Pace was good. Instructor lovely and helpful.

  76. Priyanthie (verified owner)

    Its really good. But little bit fast.

  77. Fab (verified owner)

    Thank you very much Lorraine, enjoyed your holidays was a real pleasure and useful 🙂

  78. Hannah Pearson

    Very good, easier to follow than I expected and the trainer was very patient and took the time to ensure we were all up to speed.

  79. Natalie

    Very useful information.

  80. Tracey

    Good Course, Very informative and helpful

  81. Lynette (verified owner)

    Great detail, covers many aspects of Excel. Lorraine is a great trainer who is more then willing to answer any ‘silly’ questions we might come up with.

  82. Kenneth Mungai

    Good tips on how to work through various examples of formulas using relevant data sheets(real life examples). The trainer was also knowledgeable and very friendly to assisting with the learning outcomes.

  83. ruth elliott

    Learned everything that I wanted to. The trainer knew her subject back to front, focused on the areas we wanted to develop and ensured the class understood what was going on at all times. Cheers Lorraine

  84. William Wang

    Very useful!!

  85. Paleeta

    Very helpful and informative. Lorraine is very clear and an excellent facilitator.

  86. Graeme

    Well-paced, clear, thorough. The instructor (Lorraine) was very helpful.

  87. Biju

    It is really informative and simple. Everyone would benefit it.

  88. Jade Marsegaglia

    Great course. Lots of information covered. Lorraine is very friendly, helpful, and patient.

  89. Kimberley (verified owner)

    Very helpful & answered all the extra questions I had.

  90. Lwin Khaing (verified owner)

    This is an excellent course. The instructor explains well.

  91. Crystal

    A very informative course. Nice environment and all the other people who attended were very friendly. Lorraine is a very good teacher and explains everything very thoroughly without leaving you behind.

    Thank you 🙂

  92. shannen

    a very informative course, well presesnted by Lorraine, went into detail with every section made it very easy to follow and understand.


  93. Taylah

    Thank you Lorraine. All three courses were really good & provided a lot of information, have a lot to take back to the work place 🙂

  94. Theresa Laas (verified owner)

    Good and informative class 🙂 A nice environment and teacher.

  95. Jacques (verified owner)

    Great learning and presentation , will come back for more

  96. Mairead

    Really informative and great presentation

  97. Jodie

    Thank you Lorraine!

  98. Harrison

    Easier and better than Googling it.

  99. Kane

    Great Stuff!

    nice easy pace and relevant lessons!

  100. Jarrad

    both content and delivery were excellent

  101. Rhys

    Very informative and excellent presentation style. A lot of useful skills to take back to work!

  102. shayne Isbister

    Really well presented, with clear communication. Great value add to the business.

  103. Alana

    great fun & learnt lots of new things as well. Lorraine was an absolute legend & should get a pay rise

  104. Luke

    Sensational course… very informative and helpful.

    Thanks Lorraine 🙂

  105. Temisha

    Learnt some great shortcuts and very well presented.
    Thanks a bunch Lorraine!

  106. Emma

    I found course to be very useful- I certainly learned alot!!
    Thank you Lorraine, you were a great teacher 🙂

  107. Aimee

    Great course! Highly recommended for everyone. Thank you Lorraine.

  108. Deborah Williams

    Really good course – refresher of many things I knew and several new features I hadn’t used before. Enjoyed the course

  109. Sandra

    Loved it, Highly recommended very easy to follow.

  110. Lisa O’Neil

    Extremely helpful for a more efficient workplace

  111. Jeremy Smith

    Enjoyed the course. Good refresher as well as a few new tips and tricks!

  112. Emma Fay

    Great course. Learnt a lot to help me. Thanks Lorraine

  113. Robert Martin

    Good Course, a few hidden Gems xx

  114. Irene Costello

    The course was excellent – very informative and Lorraine was a fantastic teacher. Well worth doing!

  115. Dee He

    Very informative, easy to follow course even for someone you have not used excel for a long time. Thanks Lorraine for your patience!

  116. Sophie

    Great course – Learnt everything I wanted to learn and lots more! Would highly recommend. Thanks Lorraine!

  117. Dana Slater (verified owner)

    Lorraine is extremely patient and provided the information to allow us to learn and explore back at the workplace. It assisted that I covered the intermediate program on the previous day, because the two days just flow together.

  118. Gary

    Excellent feedback and informative course.

  119. Debbie Sykes

    Very good course with good content. Lorraine was a very good and patient teacher.

  120. Jared (verified owner)

    Informative and friendly.

  121. Renzo

    Great course. Highly recommended. Dan is a great teacher

  122. Rachel

    Great course.
    Touched on some great topics and features of excel

  123. Leanne (verified owner)

    Very Good – would love to do Intermediate 😀 Thanks Dan!!

  124. Linda

    Good course and content, well delivered.

  125. Fred Hugo

    Great new skills to use, especially Pivot Tables.

  126. Julie Pracy

    Great Course!! So many new things to take back with me. Thanks Dan 🙂

  127. Kristen

    Great class, Very interesting and helpful.

  128. Rasul (verified owner)

    Learnt a lot of cool shortcuts and new functions to use in my work.

  129. Rosana

    Great Tips!! Very Helpful!!!!!!!!!

  130. Michaela

    Great, learnt alot of cool trips and tricks. Very useful.

  131. Vanessa Abbott

    I have cut down on work time by 2 to 3 days per month thanks to vlookup and macros.

  132. Debbie (verified owner)

    Learnt some useful tips and shortcuts.

  133. Jessica

    Great course, very detailed. Lorraine a fantastic teacher who is patient with the class.

  134. Annie (verified owner)

    Thanks Lorraine – Lots of great tips to take away.

  135. Leah

    Valuable course

  136. Cerina Harper

    Great Course – Very informative – Thanks Lorraine

  137. Natalie Rodgers

    Thank you Lorraine – great course.. now to book into the VBA!!

  138. Matt Kleczkowski (verified owner)

    loved it. Lorraine rocks and should be cover girl for the website promotional material not the brunette with over- whitened teeth and glasses

  139. Jen

    Lots of tips . Thanks.

  140. Claire Barclay

    Thanks Lorraine – this is my second course with you and no doubt will be back for another. Very informative and easy to follow

  141. Amanda

    I found the course very valuable and I have left with many tips & tricks .

  142. Rachel Cordeiro

    Very informative and well presented course, the lecturer was excellent and adaptive to all students learning

  143. Sue Milner

    The course was excellant. Very informative and our tutor lorraine was funny, smart and very knowledgeable. I would highly recommend it to anyone who was interested in learning more about Excel and how is operates.

  144. ben


  145. Cassandra Palmer (verified owner)

    great session. very educational!
    would definitely recommend to anyone interested in widening there excel knowledge

  146. Andrew Bell (verified owner)

    Very knowledgeable presenter with strong communication skills. Good and relevant course content

  147. Vesna Van Biljon

    Great course – learnt a lot!

  148. Di

    Very good -trainer excellent & ensured everyone got what they were looking for and more

  149. Kate

    Great course! Learnt things about excel I had never used before and many handy tips!

  150. Yogita

    Great informative session. Lots to learn.

  151. George

    Good course – learnt some pretty cool new tips!

  152. Emma

    Wonderful course – recommended

  153. LIU LIU (verified owner)

    Great course, very informative!!

  154. Aiesha Roy

    Was a fantastic course but wish we had more time so everything could sink in. Our presenter was great and extremely helpful in taking her time with me, so I had a grasp of what i wanted to take away.

  155. Donna

    Excellent Course, very relevant.

  156. Susan

    Challenging when only did the intermediate course the day before. Spaced out may of been better to be able to have put the intermediate learning to some practice first.

  157. Mandy (verified owner)

    Quite a lot functions taught in this course. Will recommend to everyone

  158. Juanet

    All good, thank you.

  159. Belinda Lee

    Microsoft Excel Advanced is amazing. Learnt lots again and shall apply the knowledge to my current work/role.
    Thank you Lorraine H!

  160. Michelle (verified owner)

    Interesting course, intensely delivered. Amazing to see the hidden gems in excel that could help make my work more efficient.

  161. Chris Leather (verified owner)

    Very comprehensive, learnt a lot and will be a much faster worker in Excel from now on.

  162. Htet Nyein

    Excellent training. Very informative. Very useful tips. I’d recommend it.

  163. S Ryall (verified owner)


  164. Lucy Booth

    Lorraine is very helpful and adapts the class as required

  165. Chris Fisher

    Excellent training. Lorraine is very knowledgeable and is an excellent communicator of sometimes difficult concepts.

  166. Tracey Shooter

    Really informative. Lots of good tips… could spend another two days here going into more depth but very good in the time spent.

  167. Iwan Labuschagne (verified owner)

    Great learning atmophere and had a lot of fun learning!
    Thank you!

  168. Sujeewe

    Fantastic lesson ! learned a lot and refreshed many basic and advanced formulas. Hope to see you again for VB class.

  169. Sarah Staveley

    Lorraine was very helpful and insightful. When all else fails, always blame the program.

  170. Minsi Liang (verified owner)

    Very informative, helpful and well organised training.

  171. Kate Anderson

    Lorraine has a very comprehensive knowledge and presents the information very well. Thank you… I will be emailing you.

  172. Mikaela Bell (verified owner)

    Thanks again Lorraine for your time, I have taken away so many useful learning’s from today’s session. Super interactive. This has helped with so many outstanding excel issues I have been working through.

  173. Phil

    Well paced good content.

  174. Hau Pham

    Lorraine was very informative and helpful as well as patient. Enjoyed the class very much!

  175. Benny

    Great course. Would actually recommenced all three courses as they all relate, and you pick up bits and pieces in each

  176. Paul Smith

    Excellent course and definitely recommended to complete after intermediate course

  177. Sherrie (verified owner)

    Lorraine had great classroom presence. The session was informative and allowed for questions to tailor towards specific needs.

  178. Faith

    I learned a lot and it’s given me lots to think about. The course was well paced and Lorraine made it interesting. Thanks!

  179. susan carrick

    Informative – Lorraine was extremely knowledgeable and the pace of learning was good. The class was flexible in responding to our questions and Lorraine waited till we all mastered each function. Well worth it.

  180. Donna (verified owner)

    Useful content, a little fast paced in some areas for me but certainly informative

  181. Indi Nichol

    Thank you Lorraine for your patience. Very good course. Highly recommended.

  182. tim

    Very informative –

  183. Dooshika (verified owner)

    Extremely useful tips. The workbook is absolutely fantastic and Lorraine is an amazing trainer. Quite a full-on class all in all.

  184. Kim (verified owner)

    Very good.

  185. Judy Charleston

    Thank you for a very informative learning experience. Lorraine was very informative trainer and provided lots of extremely useful tips.

  186. Adele

    Was informative and helpful

  187. Joanrie

    Great course, highly recommend it! Thanks

  188. Jenny Currin

    Very informative and helpful 🙂 thank you Dan.

  189. Jo (verified owner)

    Easy to follow instructions and informative materials.

  190. Sarah

    Awesome course – very informative and excellent instructor! Thank you Brenton!

  191. Carolina Berrios

    Very infomative

  192. Nicole (verified owner)

    What a great day!! I absolutely loved Brenton as a presenter… he was so knowledgeable and helpful.
    Highly recommended.

  193. Brooke Cooper (verified owner)

    Easy to follow and relate to! Enjoyed the course and recommend it to anyone with any level of Excel knowledge.

  194. m.k

    Great class. Thank you, Brenton

  195. Darren

    Excellent course and the instructor was 1st class and made everyone relax and enjoy the course. it was a nice environment to learn in. Great job.

  196. Olga de Villiers

    Great course. Very informative.

  197. clayton

    thanks Brenton, I learnt a lot!

  198. Ross

    Good course and kept it interesting

  199. adam g

    Brenton was helpful, clear in his teachings and a good bloke.

  200. Daniel

    Well paced good content.

  201. Eric Bonney

    This is a good course for anyone who uses excel.

  202. Sam H (verified owner)

    Very helpful course. Taught me how to use Excel features to its potential. Brenton was great and made time to personalise answers and examples to what we were doing in our roles

  203. Akiko (verified owner)

    I enjoyed Brenton’s lesson as he is great to talk with and very informative!

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