Microsoft Word Intermediate Online Course

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Online Learning – Microsoft Word 2016 Intermediate with training manual

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microsoft word 2016 training course

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Online Learning – Microsoft Word 2016 Intermediate with training manual

Want instant access – click below to enrol and pay via paypal.
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101 reviews for Microsoft Word Intermediate Online Course

  1. Sally

    Course was great and met my expectations. Will come back again.

  2. Katie Williams

    Great course, really helped.

  3. Tara (verified owner)

    Found the coarse great, learnt so many new things and Lorraine was very helpful

  4. Stephanie Holder

    Good course, however would have liked a bit more time on headers & footers and also mail merging.

  5. Chantal Rymer

    Great course. I have picked up quite a few tips on how to format documents that I will need in my current role.

  6. Emma

    Great course
    needed to know more about page breaks, tabs, clarified alot for me
    would really like to do the advanced now!
    plus would love to do Excel intro
    really enjoying all my courses
    thanks Lorraine
    Cheers emma

  7. Angelica

    Found the course very helpful learnt quite few new tricks that I didn’t know before. Lecturer was great and explained all aspect of the course.

  8. Isabelle

    Enjoy again the second course, little more complex but
    get through. Good teaching.

  9. Chona Lacerna

    I found it very interesting but sometimes i can’t catch up due to my eye vision. But still trying to find it and learn through. Thanks for the help of Lorraine Hanh.

  10. Megan (verified owner)

    Great course, very helpful.

    Thanks Lorraine!

  11. Jasmyn Harry

    It tought me alot of things I didnt know about microsoft word and helped me to have a better understanding

  12. Tessa Meier

    I would like to thank Lorraine for her time spent training me on Word 2010. It has been very helpful and i will certainly apply it in my day tot day work.

    Thank you very much.

  13. Heather Banach

    The course was very helpful, learnt a lot. Lorraine was very helpful.

  14. Denise Salkeld (verified owner)

    Brilliant. Got everything I needed out of the course. Thanks Lorraine. 🙂

  15. Jarred McEwan

    This course has been very helpful and gave me a good overview of Microsoft Word 2010. Lorraine did a good job and covered all the content well.

  16. Victoria Telford

    Enjoyed the course.
    Course presented very well.
    Course content excellent.

  17. Emma Henwood

    Great Course.
    I will be using this in my job… made building blocks less scary!!!

  18. Irene McArthur (verified owner)

    Very interesting and instructive course. Lecturer was excellent and now reference book will prove invaluable in the future.

  19. Ryan

    Enjoyed the course as it has given me the necessary tools to make my life easier when using WORD!! Excellent insight into the use of the program

  20. Fiona Carroll

    Great course. Delighted with the Microsoft ‘Bible’ to take home and refer to for work

  21. Leanne (verified owner)

    I found Word inter. 2010 to be great in cementing what I already knew from previous versions of Word and has given alot more understanding and knowledge in areas I was unsure of or hadn’t worked with previously.

    The instructor was patient and very helpful with all questions.

  22. Lee Thompson

    I have spent the last 2 days on course with Lorraine doing Introductory and Intermediate Word – both days have been incredibly valuable and I certainly feel that I can take what I have learnt and successfully (with a bit of practice) implement these tools.

  23. Martine French

    Very helpful course. Second time I have had Lorraine as a trainer and I think is exceptionally good.

    Thank you very much

  24. Karen

    Very beneficial. Makes life a lot quicker / easier

    Would highly recommend

  25. Lesley

    Very good – Lorraine was excellent. Would have liked a bit more time to go over certain parts of course.

  26. Courtenay Kerr

    Course is very beneficial. Learnt a lot of different things about Microsoft Word. Lorraine is a great teacher – very patient and helpful.

    Thank you.

  27. Lily (verified owner)

    Found it difficult at first to navigate around 2010 as used to an older program. Thankyou Lorraine for such a good day and taking the time to ensure we all understood the content prior to moving on.

  28. Di Videky

    Great full day course learning – exceeded expectations. thanks Lorraine:-)

  29. Lesley Dowling (verified owner)

    Very informative with lots of quick actions to get terrific documents.
    I think the quality and efficiency of my work will significantly increase.
    Thanks Lorraine!
    Look forward to the next session.

  30. Audrey Mc Carville

    Lorrainne was an extremly good instructor and made learning very easy and enjoyable. I would highly recomend her courses.

  31. Jolene Taylor

    Great Course really interactive and informative :o)
    Thanks Lorraine

  32. Kelly Roa

    Fantastic course, easy to understand and will be a great help in my workplace!!! Thank you

  33. Kim Forbes (verified owner)

    Great course, time to go home and consolidate it all.

  34. Kelly

    Thank you. Looking forward to next course and practicing with exercises between both courses.

  35. Anne Marie Gilliland

    Very informative and helpful. Lorraine took great care to impart her wealth of knowledge. I leave today with lots of tips and tools that should see my time management increase ten fold.

  36. Donna Blythe

    Great course.
    Teacher extremely helpful with clear and thorough assistance.

  37. Raquel Cousins (verified owner)

    The world of Microsoft Word is vast and expansive, I have learnt a lot from this one days training.

  38. Bronwyn

    I needed to know more about styles, themes, tabs and templates
    mail merge an building blocks are great tools i’d not thought to use before now … I will be doing the advanced course

  39. Bree (verified owner)

    Lecturer went through course content & also gave out additional tips that were not in the book. Very helpful. Thanks!

  40. Rene Nel

    Thank you for a great learning session. Really informative

  41. Melody Fisher

    Great class, learned a lot and got may tips I can use everyday in my day to day work.

  42. Melissa (verified owner)

    I found the course to be extremely beneficial. Lorraine was a fantastic facilitator and very knowledgeable. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and would like to attend the advanced version at a later stage.

  43. Alan Clarke (verified owner)

    I came from a very low knowledge base when it came to Word so thanks for being so patient and understanding. Course was very worthwhile and I got a lot out of it.

  44. Sofie

    Thanks very much Lorraine. Very informative lesson. Learnt lots of new stuff and tricks of the trade.

  45. Cameron

    Great refresher course on word, Very informative and easy to pick up.

  46. Jacy

    Was a great class. I learnt a lot of interesting things. This is a good class for self taught people.

  47. Nancye

    Enjoyed learning the new features on Word 2010. Thank you.

  48. Tegan Wallhead (verified owner)

    This was a great class. I learnt a few new tricks that I can take back to my work and apply. It makes understanding Microsoft Word a lot easier.
    Thank you

  49. Monique

    A lot to cover in one day – good course

  50. Jennifer Clemmence

    Very well taught – learned a lot from Lorraine and she was very patient where I needed it the most.!

  51. Jessica

    Very happy with the course. Many thanks!

  52. Madeline (verified owner)

    The course was very good. I have learnt a few tricks that I can take back to my work and apply. I have learnt a lot of short cuts too which is great. Never realized I was doing some things the long way
    Thanks Lorraine!

  53. Mark

    An over veiw of intermediate word

  54. Samantha

    Great Course. Lorraine was very friendly and helpful 🙂

  55. David (verified owner)

    The course will assist in my workplace to increase efficiency in document reviews and updates. A large quantity of information was covered which when used will come in most handy.

  56. Anna Laycock

    The course was great and went above my expectations and Lorraine was awesome, was really good just having two of us in the class. Learnt a lot and will be good to use when I am back at work. Thanks Lorraine.

  57. Tracey Speed

    The course met all my expectations and our trainer Lorraine was fantastic extremely informative and kept the class interesting.

    I look forward to my next training session at Applied Education.

  58. James Hopper

    Excellent course, well delivered in a classroom setting, pace suited varying needs of students. Would recommend to others.

  59. Toni Goninon

    Lots to learn and practice makes perfect. Lots of practice required.

  60. Darryl

    I came with a very low knowledge base when it came to Word so thanks for being so patient and understanding. Course was very worthwhile and I got a lot out of it.
    As always the more i use it the better i will get

    Cheers 🙂

  61. Monica Mandona (verified owner)

    The course went well and it met my expectations. Our Trainer was helpful and engaging which makes it very easy to learn.
    I would recommend Applied Education to other people and look forward to my next training.

  62. Sandi Cooke

    Great, could do more. Great teacher !!

  63. Rachael Brettig

    I really enjoyed this course. I feel as if i have learnt a lot and look forward to putting my new knowledge to use 🙂

  64. Nicole (verified owner)

    This is my second training session with this group and would definitely recommend them. Very clear training and answered everything I needed. Easy to listen to and explained very clearly. Thank you.

  65. Sachie Saito (verified owner)

    lots of tips, great! Explanation is very clear.

  66. Megan (verified owner)

    Very helpful course, really enjoyed it and learned a lot. Now I just need to keep practicing – Thanks Lorraine, great training style!

  67. Haze Green

    Really good. We went through what we particularly wanted to know and covered everything and more. I learnt some new things and think with a bit of practise I will be fluent.

  68. Siobhan

    Was a great course! Learnt some new things and good explanation of how tings work!

  69. Jessie Matta (verified owner)

    Really helpful, now know not to do things the hard way. Also learnt a few knew things to make word easier and quicker. Thank you Lorraine

  70. Jade

    Great course

  71. Tara Dynan (verified owner)

    Was a great course, thanks

  72. Stefanie Germano

    Lorraine was an excellent trainer, learnt exactly what I was after in this course.
    Thanks so much Lorraine and the Applied Education Staff.

  73. Ari Moir (verified owner)

    The course was really helpful, will be back again!
    Thank you Lorraine.

  74. Ainsleigh Doorn

    Great course, covers a lot of content but not overwhelming. Lorraine was easy to follow and very helpful

  75. Sharon

    Great course a lot of useful tips. As a mac user it would be great to be able to do the course on a mac as there are a number of elements that are quite different.

  76. Rachel (verified owner)

    Course was well worth it. Explained the easier way of doing things rather than feeling your way through. Also introduced a few new tools that will be helpful. Thanks!

  77. Victoria Wood (verified owner)

    Very interesting course – lots to go away and practice. Lorraine was able to answer all questions and had a good depth of knowledge

  78. Emma

    A little fast-paced for me (I’m not hugely computer savvy) at times, but Lorraine is always happy to come back to any points that need clarification. I also really appreciated that she goes over what everyone wants to get out of the course at the beginning so that she covers everything that anyone might need.

  79. Anisha Seedat

    Learnt lots of shortcuts and lots of new things to make it easier to work with word.
    Thank you to Lorraine she was very helpful enjoyed the day working with her.

  80. Jenny Nicholas

    Course wasn’t as in depth as expected. Probably need to do all 3 courses to maximise use of word.
    Lorraine was helpful and made sure everyone kept up with content.

  81. Shelley Williams

    Very enjoyable course, taken home a lot of great & helpful info. Lorraine takes an excellent class & helps to make everyone feel at ease. Thank you

  82. Marcina Corte Real

    Learnt lots of useful things I did not know existed in Word which will be helpful in my field of work. Thanks Lorraine!!!

  83. Toni S (verified owner)

    A lot to take in – I hope something stuck!

  84. Catherine

    A lot to take in but I’m sure it will be worthwhile once I get the chance to put it into practice.

  85. Helen Milosavljevic

    Found course information great, but very fast and so much to cover, take in or to understand.

  86. Kassey Murray

    The course covered most of the skills I need for my job, Lorraine was very helpful and a good trainer.

  87. Elaine Marson

    Course was very helpful and Lorraine was great.
    There were a few things that we didn’t cover and maybe that is for the next level.

  88. Shevaughan Wild

    Lorraine was super helpful, and went through the program quickly – She ensured that we went through what I specifically needed to learn, and was sure that I was comfortable before continuing.

  89. Shevaughan Wild

    The course was excellent, and Lorraine was fantastic.
    She was sure to check what I needed to learn and covered everything perfectly.

  90. Melissa Benson (verified owner)

    Great course, with easy to follow videos and step by step guide. The online videos was missing the last chapter, but it was easy to follow in the manual anyway.

  91. Lettishia Wenceslaus

    Lorraine the course was good. Thank you

  92. Jess (verified owner)

    Very helpful and Lorraine was very patient.

  93. Aysen Osman

    Very Good – Best instructor I have had so far!

    Thanks 🙂

  94. Aysen Osman

    Very Good – Best instructor I have had so far!

  95. Kya

    Learned great new tips and the facilities are amazing.

  96. Tatsharna Smith

    Great course, very helpful and easy to follow

  97. lynn Noblet (verified owner)


  98. Tatsharna Smith

    Great course, very easy to follow

  99. Diana S

    Brenton was a great teacher. Course was very thorough accommodating to all questions re Word.

  100. Fiona Allan (verified owner)

    Worthwhile- as a refresher and learning new features

  101. Lorna Lobo

    Absolutely amazing

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