Are you ready for online study?

Are you ready for online study?

The essential checklist before you enrol!

You want to further your career with online study and are ready to enrol in a course. However before you make the final step, we recommend that you run through our checklist. It will help give you the best start in your studies.

1. Study takes commitment, have you got lots of it? Am I ready to study online?

Have you allowed enough time to study the required hours each week to complete your course in the time available? Check the times you have allocated are realistic, is the afternoon with kids running around the house really going to work for you, what about Friday nights after a long week at work and all you want to do is sit back and relax. Choose realistic study days and times that work in with your lifestyle.

2. Have you got support from friends and family?

At Applied Education we have a dedicated student support team, support forums and a Facebook group, however it’s important to have the support of those around you. Discuss with your partner, housemates or whomever you share your time with your plans, goals and the commitment required to study so they can support you on your journey.

3. Is the course for you?

Got family or friends in the industry you are looking at studying in? If so talk to them now. Then, once you have done that call Applied Education and speak to one of our dedicated course coordinators before you enrol, there are many pathways and options available to achieve your career goals so don’t enrol in the wrong course and take the long way!

4. Learning environment - Have you got a clean and uncluttered study area at home?

Will the kids be eating breakfast on your study notes because you don’t have a decent desk or computer chair? Get on Gumtree or go to the shops and find a nice comfortable computer chair and allocate some space at home where you spend quiet study time.

5. Have you got the right equipment to suit your needs?

We all love our smartphones but they are really don’t suit studying a Certificate or Diploma level course. Go and dust off your old computer and check it’s working. Does the printer work? How’s your internet connection? Can you watch a YouTube video as the rest of the house watches Netflix? If you can do that then this is the sort of internet connection you will need to be able to complete your studies and login to your student portal.

If you scored 5 out of 5, then you are good to get started. Read about our courses here or call us on 1800 678 073.

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