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South Australian Traineeship Government Funding For Advanced Diploma of Accounting

Tax Agent or Commercial Accounting Course

FNS60217 Advanced Diploma of Accounting is our highest level qualification. It is ideal for individuals who are working in accounting and wishing to advance their career, including commercial accounting, business analysis and as a tax agent. The Advanced Diploma of Accounting covers theoretical and technical skills in a range of complex operations, and may offer a pathway to university studies.

This course meet the education requirements for tax agent registration with the Tax Practitioners Board and includes Student membership with the Tax and Super Australia.

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SA Government Funding For Eligible Trainees

Online Learning
Instant Access

Nationally Recognised

If you have completed a Diploma in Accounting (FNS50217 or FNS50215).

Great, you can apply for a credit transfer towards the Advanced Diploma of Accounting.

Meet the TPB education requirements for Tax Agents


Dedicated support

$1867.50 for non-concession

$556.10 for concession

RRP $2490


You must meet the following

  • Live or work in South Australia;
  • Australian or New Zealand citizen, or an Australian Permanent Resident or an eligible visa holder
  • be aged 16 years or older; and
  • not enrolled in school
  • have an employer willing to offer you a traineeship

See below for full details *


For the student (trainee)

  • Reduced course fee.
  • Nationally Recognised Advanced Diploma of Accounting qualification.

For the employer:

  • Payroll tax exemptions. **
  • Australian Government financial incentives to eligible employers of trainees including the Boosting Apprenticeship Wage Subsidy of up to 50% (to a maximum of $7,00 per quarter) of the gross wage paid.**

See below for full details **

Traineeship funding an initiative of Government of South Australia South A

Not sure which course is right for you? Completed prior units and may be eligible for credits? Call us on 1800 678 073 for a consultation with a course coordinator.

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  • Tax Practitioners Board Approved

    TPB approved for BAS Agent registration

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    Hundreds of tutorials covering key learning concepts

Advanced Diploma of Accounting Course Information

Let's take a look at what you are going to learn and the important information to know before you enrol.

A traineeship is a practical hands-on training program combining paid work with structured training aimed at achieving a nationally recognised qualification. If you would like to do a traineeship and study Accounts Administration, there are Participant Eligibility Criteria in order to receive funding. You must

School-enrolled students are subject to separate eligibility criteria.

If you do not meet the eligibility criteria, please click here for full course details  or call us on 1800 678 073 for a consultation with a course adviser.

For full eligibility refer to:

For the trainee:

  • Reduced course fee.
  • Opportunity to gain a nationally recognised Advanced Diploma qualification.
  • Access to book one-on-one support via Skype with a qualified Trainer/Assessor.
  • Plan for your future and help your employer develop the skills of their workforce.

For the employer:

  • Building a skilled workforce with the latest professional development opportunities.
  • Payroll tax exemptions - Wages paid to apprentices and trainees who commence a relevant training contract between 10 November 2020 and 30 June 2022 (inclusive), will receive relief equivalent to a 12 month payroll tax exemption. (source:
  • The Australian Government provides a number of financial incentives to eligible employers of trainees including the Boosting Apprenticeship Wage Subsidy of up to 50% (to a maximum of $7,00 per quarter) of the gross wage paid. (source:

You can enrol in the Advanced Diploma of Accounting if you have attained one of the following:

  1. FNSSS00014 Accounting Principles Skill Set & FNSSS00015 Advanced Accounting Principles Skill Set;
  2. FNS50217 Diploma of Accounting; or
  3. FNS50215 Diploma of Accounting.

Course Fees

For South Australia approved trainees the course fees are:

  • $1867.50 for non-concession
  • $556.10 for concession*

(RRP $2490)

Applied Education sales and discounts do not apply to trainees enrolled via a government funding initiative.
* Proof of concession (a current Commonwealth Government Concession Card) must be provided before enrolling. This is in addition to the eligibility criteria for Traineeships.

Payment Plans

We understand not everyone has the financial resources upfront to invest in training, so we offer flexible payment options to get you moving faster towards your future. To discuss Cluster Payment options, please contact Student Support on enrolment.

The maximum duration that you will have to complete the Advanced Diploma of Accounting course, will be a the same as the duration of your traineeship contract. There is no minimum time frame, students familiar with bookkeeping and accounting concepts may complete the course much faster.

As an online course, the time it will take to complete is flexible and dependent on your ability, knowledge and time available. It is important that you choose a pace that suits your needs.

The Advanced Diploma of Accounting consists 14 units of competency. However if you have completed the entry requirements FNSSS000014 Accounting Principles Skill Set and FNSSS00015 Advanced Accounting Principles Skill Set you will only have to complete 8 units.

  • FNSACC624 Monitor corporate governance activities
  • FNSINC601 Apply economic principles to work in the financial services industry
  • FNSINC602 Interpret and use financial statistics and tools
  • FNSACC602 Audit and report on financial systems and records
  • FNSACC601 Prepare and administer compliant tax returns for legal entities
  • FNSTPB504 Apply legal principles in corporations and trusts law
  • FNSTPB505 Apply legal principles in property law
  • FNSTPB503 Apply legal principles in consumer and contract law
  • FNSACC512 Prepare tax documentation for individuals *
  • FNSACC513 Manage budgets and forecasts*
  • FNSACC514 Prepare financial reports for corporate entities*
  • FNSACC516 Implement and maintain internal control procedures*
  • FNSACC511 Provide financial and business performance information*FNSACC517 Provide management accounting information*

* Included in FNSSS00014 and FNSSS00015.

FNS60217 Online study is a convenient, effective and affordable way to learn when and where you want.

We provide you with the following:

  • Quality materials
  • Amazing Support from our assessors and student support team
  • Online assessments and exams
  • Student Facebook group

The Advanced Diploma of Accounting has been developed to give you flexibility so that you can study at your own pace, in your own time and in your own environment. The best part is, with Applied Education we provide a high level of support for all our students and are here with you in your study journey.

Microsoft Windows is the preferred operating system for the study of this course as all student data files are supplied in Windows format.

You will also need Microsoft Word and Excel.

Internet access – reliable internet connection required. All data files, learning activities and MYOB software are available to download via our student portal.

Mac Users:
Applied Education uses the Microsoft Windows operating system and we are unable to support issues relating to a Mac computer.

If you only have access to a Mac computer then you need to either purchase and install on your mac a windows emulator such as "parallels" to run windows on a Mac at your own cost, or if you have a Windows OS software licence use the free in built Mac Boot Camp assistant on your Mac Computer.

For all Advanced Diploma units, textbooks are required to be purchased separately from the publisher. Applied Education students receive a discount when ordering through our supplier, full details are provided with enrolment. Total cost for these textbooks is approximately $600.

Some units include video tutorials to further assist with your learning.


Your learning journey is about becoming "competent" in the subject matter. Our in house course writers and assessment team all have accounting and bookkeeping experience or are currently working in the industry. With this in mind we try and make the tasks relevant to what you will experience in the real world. The purpose is not to just pass or fail, rather to become competent using these skills which you can then apply in the real world.


Before starting this course, there are two requirements that need to be completed. All individuals seeking access to a subsidised training place in South Australia are required to complete an Upfront Assessment of Needs (UAN) after the Traineeship ID has been approved by Traineeship and Apprenticeship Services.

You will also need to complete a Language, Literacy and Numeracy (LLN) questionnaire. This quick questionnaire is used to determine your LLN skill level so that we can best support you in your studies.

Introductory Requirements & Units

The Introductory Requirements include an Oral Communication Skills Assessment and a Work Health and Safety Assessment.

The Unit assessments and examinations are completed using a variety of methods and are submitted via our online student portal. They are open book, from either your home, office or classroom, and comprise theoretical and practical exercises.

Accounting unit assessments use MYOB or Xero (both are supplied).


Tax Practitioners Board Licensing Course units include an exam component, which needs to be independently supervised. Exams are three-hour, open-book assessments comprising of short answer and multiple choice questions, very similar in format to the unit assessments.

Exams must be completed within your course duration period. Prior to your exam, you will need to complete and return the Supervisor Nomination Form to Applied Education detailing your supervisor's information, contact details and the elected date of your assessment.

Exams can be undertaken at any location and time of your choosing, with the only condition being that you have a nominated, independent supervisor present. Your supervisor can be a person of responsibility such as a registered tax agent, member of an accounting professional body, public servant, doctor, nurse, police officer, director etc. who does not have a close personal or professional relationship with you.

If you cannot arrange a supervisor then we offer online supervision with one of our staff members via Skype.

The Advanced Diploma of Accounting can open doors to many different careers in business and finance, including:

  • Tax Agent
  • Accountants
  • Auditor
  • Tax Specialist
  • Commercial Accountant

Depending on your pathway some of the Advanced Diploma of Accounting units of study may be eligible for credit towards further study and entry towards accounting & finance at university. For university credit contact the applicable university to discuss entry requirements.

Student Membership Included

Tax & Super Australia

Applied Education has partnered with Tax & Super Australia to provide you with the tools and resources you need to thrive in your study and professional career.

As a Tax student at Applied Education you will receive, at no additional cost to you, a 12-month Student Membership with Tax & Super Australia. This membership is specifically designed to help you complete your study and prepare you for your future career as a Tax Professional with one of Australia's leading Recognised Tax Associations.

This offer is only available to tax students if you enrol in our TPB Tax Units, Diploma of Accounting + Tax or Advanced Diploma of Accounting.  Key benefits to this membership include:

Tax and Super Australia Membership

For information on the full range of benefits of this membership to Tax & Super Australia click here.

Student Support - The Applied Education Difference

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    Every student receives help getting started
    and can book a welcome call

  • Online Support

    Dedicated Support Team and Ticket Lodgement

  • Facebook & Student Forums

    Dedicated Facebook Study Group and Online Forums

  • Phone Support

    Talk to Assessors & Student Services Team

Accreditation & Industry Partners

As a Registered Training Organisation (ID 52240), we comply with the government’s strict quality and consistency standards. We conduct regular audits to ensure we keep this accreditation and deliver the level of training you deserve.

Nationally Recognised Training - FNS60217 Advanced Diploma of Accounting is recognised in all states and territories of Australia.

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