New Stage 4 Covid-19 Restrictions – Career Killer or Career Opportunity?


  1. Australia Covid-19 Lockdown
  2. What Could Stage 4 Restrictions Look Like?
  3. Covid-19 Impacts Of Mental Health For Australians
  4. What Does It Mean For Australian Careers?
  5. Excellent Career Opportunities
  6. Now Is The Perfect Time To Upskill Yourself Online
  7. How Applied Education Can Help You?

Australia Covid-19 Lockdown

As Victoria’s active Covid-19 cases soar to over 8,100 as of today, Premier Daniel Andrews along with Victoria’s Chief of Health, Brett Sutton, has issued multiple warnings to Victorians that further restrictions will be in place if residents continue to flaunt the rules.

Without the hint of care and concern, hundreds of young Australians continuously gather in large groups, disregarding the need for social distancing. 

Health systems in the region are currently under strain with additional human resources from the Australian Defense Force (ADF) along with medical supplies being deployed to Victoria.

At least 1,470 ADF personnel has been deployed to Victoria, focussing man power in areas that have difficulties getting access to support if the Covid-19 transmission rates does not reduce.

When questioned by ABC News reporters, the premier says that further restrictions were on the table if infections continue to rise. 

“We’ve got this week to assess the effectiveness of the restrictions that have been in place now for just on a week,” he said.

“But we would have an expectation that those numbers are plateauing if those restrictions are doing what they need to be doing.

“We can’t rule anything out if there aren’t sufficient mechanisms to drive down transmission. We would do the minimum required because we know how much of an imposition it is on businesses and people’s lives, but if it’s required to reduce transmission, then it has to be in play.”

Professor Sutton said in his comment “We would do the minimum required because we know how much of an imposition it is on businesses and people’s lives. But if it’s required to reduce transmission, then it has to be in play,” he said.

So, what could a possible Stage 4 Covid-19 restriction look like?

What Could Stage 4 Restrictions Look Like?

As of yet, there is no actual official guide that outlines the proper measures and strategies to be taken if the spread escalates and restrictions are enforced as the state is working on an elimination strategy that would likely involve tougher lockdown imposed in the region. We do, however, have an idea of how it will look. 

One thing is for sure; there will be a closure of schools and other educational facilities, and the closure of businesses across each suburbs except for the essential services such as supermarkets, pharmacies and medical clinics. Masks will be considered mandatory and must be worn at all times when in public.


Covid-19 Impacts Of Mental Health For Australians

As more businesses would need to be closed with widespread road closures and blockade implemented, regions across Australia will, more than ever, be more segmented. Calls to lifeline due to mental health will continue to jump.

As of now, more than 20% of calls have been made due to long term isolation. 

What Does It Mean For Australian Careers?

Many Australians have lost their jobs with huge doubts and uncertainty looming across the horizon. How will Covid-19 affect the global economy outlook into the future?

For people working in health care and essential services, work pressures have never been more significant. Under these circumstances, it’s normal to feel anxious, overwhelmed, confused, sad or even bored. These feelings can take their toll, and we all need to take the time to care for ourselves and to look out for our friends, family and colleagues.

Excellent Career Opportunities

Millions of Australians are having to go through drastic lifestyle changes due to Covid-19 or other tragic circumstances. The unemployment rate is now over 7.4 per cent. Such numbers will most definitely impact the economical recovery time and job securities, but there is a silver lining in this crisis. 

One thing is clear; a majority of companies are now fundamentally re-thinking their strategy, coming up with innovative ways for improving processes, curating internal and external talents and adapting goals to suit current market needs.

Doing so will differentiate your marketing strategy and hence increasing your market share in company visibility via publications, webinars and social media.

Now Is The Perfect Time To Upskill Yourself Online

As part of the change initiative happening across different sectors and industries, it is important for people to survive this crisis and come out stronger. It is adapting by demonstrating resilience.

Stay in focus by remaining essential to these changes by identifying opportunities others have missed. Now is the time to upskill yourself online. 

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How Applied Education Can Help You?

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