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While many students and working adults who plan to further their study may benefit from the advantages of online education, there are online students failed because they can't adapt to the online learning format. The following information provides a
number of recommendations to ensure you get the most out of self paced study.

Know your own pace

Some students can learn new information that they find particularly relevant in just one go,  they only need to take one look at the new material and they understand it. Others, on the other hand, require repetitions and drilling before they fully understand the content. There is no one correct pace to study, each person will be different. The key to success is to know your own pace and ensure you allow sufficient time for this. From this you can then develop a reasonable study plan and ensure you stick to it.

Are you a person who enjoys autonomous learning?

Interaction with other students is an educational factor to which preferences can vary widely. Some learners prefer to allow new concepts to sink in as they explore them on their own, while others only truly grasp them after interaction with other students or a trainer. If you are in latter category then it is important to develop a virtual network that will allow interaction with other students and the assessor. An online forum is an ideal means to join such a network.

Have a supporter to keep you on track

If you are a person that frequently falls behind the schedule and needs someone to remind them to keep on track, then you will need a supporter to help ensure you are moving towards the completion of you study. The supporter can be your partner, children, parent or friend. Let them know your learning schedule and your goal to complete the online study, invite them to be your supporter to ensure you follow the study plan.

Communicate With Trainers/Assessors Regularly

With self paced study you cannot depend on face-to-face communication if you are facing any difficulties with your study. Therefore it is essential to make sure you fully utilise the communication technologies, such as email and telephone, to communicate early in your course and frequently with your trainers and assessor. This will ensure you are heading in the right direction from the start of your course. It can be a great source of frustration for a student to discover after a significant amount of work has been done that it has not been done correctly.

Self paced study does require a level of planning and preparation that does exceed face to face training. If however you follow these recommendations you will certainly find it to be a very rewarding experience.

Applied Education offer a variety of bookkeeping and accounting courses both as face to face or self paced online learning. The choice is your.


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