A mentor may be the key to successful studying

Having a great mentor in your professional life is a huge asset, but have you considered a mentor for studying? a mentor for studying

For most students, study has to fit around work and family commitments and that juggle can become overwhelming and a challenge to your success.

At Applied Education, many of our students start their studies after a full day of work and/or family commitments. And for some, studying may be a long forgotten skill.

The benefits of a mentor

  • help you clarify your objectives and targets
  • provide motivation and support when hurdles are put in your path
  • challenging your thinking

The basis to a great mentorship is finding someone who has an understanding of your chosen pathway and that both of you are willing to be honest and respectful in your relationship.  A mentor is not there to give you the answers, but to help you navigate.

Steps to finding a mentor

  1. Don’t reach out to strangers. Identify people you admire and respect and follow their work. A mentor can be from your workplace or community.
  2. Identify your own strengths and weaknesses, decide what you would like in a mentor.
  3. Don’t be afraid to approach someone that you would like as a mentor. Mentors want someone to be motivated and engaged, if you show that initiative you are already demonstrating  commitment.
  4. Have a few initial meetings, you both should feel positive after the meetings. If it is not going to work for both of you, move on.

Having a great mentor can be a game changer not only for study but afterwards as you progress your career.

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