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Traineeship Funding

Nationally Recognised Yes, Certificates III and IV
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WA Traineeships

A traineeship is a practical hands-on training program; it's employment that combines work and structured training. It’s a way of upskilling or gaining the knowledge and ability to understand the most up-to-date terminology, software and skills, giving you the confidence to win a place in today's workforce. Upon successful completion of your traineeship you will receive a nationally-recognised qualification.

Jobs and Skills WA traineeship courses


  • Are you currently living in Western Australia?
  • Aged 15 or old and not at school?
  • Do you work more than 15 hours per week?
  • Do you have a manager/supervisor?
  • Have you been employed for less than 3 months in your current role?
  • Are you an Australian Citizen or Permanent Resident?

If you answered 'yes' to all of these questions and you do not currently hold a Certificate IV or higher qualification then you may be eligible for Government funding through the traineeship scheme.

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LG WA Trainee Funded

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Traineeship Course Options

We have three courses that are approved for WA-funded traineeships.


Certificate IV in
Accounting and Bookkeeping

Become a professional bookkeeper

Includes hundreds of video tutorials
ICB Student Membership
digital learning material
bonus upskill courses
dedicated support

Tax Practitioners Board Approved for BAS Agent Registration


or $620.80 for concession


Certificate III in
Accounts Administration

Begin your bookkeeping career

Includes video tutorials
digital learning material
bonus upskill courses
dedicated support from
our expert trainers

Learn day-to-day accounts functions for your organisation


Or $475.30 for concession


Certificate III
in Business (Administration)

Begin your business career

Includes video tutorials
digital learning material
bonus upskill courses
dedicated support from
our expert trainers

Learn admin skills and knowledge for a broad range of industries


Or $475.30 for concession

Not sure which course is right for you? Completed prior units and may be eligible for credits? Call us on 1800 678 073 for a consultation with a course coordinator or book an enrolment consultation.

What are the benefits?

  • Opportunity to gain a nationally recognised Certificate IV or Certificate III qualification.
  • Attend classroom sessions (if being held) at no additional cost to the trainee and more than once if required
  • Utilise our learning facilities for self study (when available)
  • Plan for your future and help your employer develop the skills of their workforce
  • Commencement and completion incentives for employers

What support is provided to trainees?

  • Regular contact from one of our skilled team
  • Training plan
  • Online forums
  • Email or telephone contact with trainer/assessor
  • Dedicated Facebook support group
  • Online activities
  • Bonus short courses
  • Dedicate Support Team

Courses and Units of Study

Comprises 13 units of competency.

  • FNSACC323 Perform financial calculations
  • BSBTEC302 Design and produce spreadsheets & BSBTEC402 Design and produce complex spreadsheets
  • FNSACC426 Set up and operate a computerised accounting system
  • FNSACC321 Process financial transactions and extract interim reports
  • FNSACC418 Work effectively in the accounting and bookkeeping industry
  • FNSACC405 Maintain inventory records
  • FNSTPB412 Establish and maintain payroll systems*
  • FNSTPB411 Complete business activity and instalment activity statements*
  • FNSACC421 Prepare financial reports
  • FNSACC414 Prepare financial statements for non-reporting entities
  • FNSACC412 Prepare operational budgets
  • FNSACC322 Administer subsidiary accounts and ledgers

*Unit part of the FNSSS00004 BAS Agent Registration Skill Set

Government Funding Options 1

Xero Demo Company is included with the course. Xero is used to complete unit FNSACC322.

MYOB Student Edition is included with this course, plus free online MYOB training. MYOB is used to complete units FNSACC321, FNSACC405 and FNSACC414.The units FNSACC426, FNSTPB411 and FNSTPB412 have course material and assessments in both Xero and MYOB. Students can choose which accounting software they would like to use to complete these units.

On successful completion, you will be awarded the FNS40222 Certificate IV in Accounting and Bookkeeping which meets the education requirements to become a BAS Agent.

Comprises 11 units of competency.

  • BSBTEC302 Design and produce spreadsheets
  • BSBXCM301 Engage in workplace communication
  • FNSACC314 Conduct business activities using a computerised accounting system
  • FNSACC321 Process financial transactions and extract interim reports
  • FNSACC322 Administer subsidiary accounts and ledgers
  • FNSACC323 Perform financial calculations
  • FNSINC311 Work together in the financial services industry
  • BSBHRM416 Process Payroll
  • BSBTEC301 Design and produce business documents
  • BSBTEC404 Use digital technologies to collaborate in a work environment
  • FNSACC426 Set up and operate computerised accounting systems

Comprises 13 units of competency.

  • BSBWRT311 Write simple documents
  • BSBTEC301 Design and produce business documents
  • BSBPMG430 Undertake project work
  • BSBFIN301 Process financial transactions
  • BSBHRM416 Process payroll
  • BSBOPS303 Organise schedules
  • BSBCRT311 Apply critical thinking skills in a team environment
  • BSBSUS211 Participate in sustainable work practices
  • BSBTWK301 Use inclusive work practices
  • BSBWHS311 Assist with maintaining workplace safety
  • BSBXCM301 Engage in workplace communication
  • BSBPEF201 Support personal wellbeing in the workplace 
  • BSBPUR301 Purchase goods and services

Course Information

To be eligible for subsidised traineeship, you must: 

  • have left school
  • have a manager/supervisor (i.e. if you are self-employed and the sole employee you do not qualify)
  • be employed for at least 15 hours per week
  • be an Australian citizen or permanent visa holder; a holder of visa subclass 309, 820 or 826; or a dependant or spouse of the primary holder of a visa subclass 457
  • not hold a qualification at the same or higher level than the traineeship

Primary holders of visa sub-class 457, and holders of occupational trainee visas are not eligible under the terms of their visa to enter into a traineeship.

The maximum duration that you will have to complete your course, will be a the same as the duration of your traineeship contract. There is no minimum time frame, students familiar with course concepts may complete the course much faster.

As an online course, the time it will take to complete is flexible and dependent on your ability, knowledge and time available. It is important that you choose a pace that suits your needs.

Please note that course fees are indicative only and are subject to change given individual circumstances at enrolment. Additional fees may apply such as student service and resource fees. Please read the student handbook for further clarification on additional fee charges. Note: Applied Education sales and discounts do not apply to trainees enrolled via government funding initiatives.

Concession prices

The following people are eligible for the concession rate on training fees (up to Certificate IV level):

a) Persons (and dependants of persons) holding a:

    1. i) Pensioner Concession Card
      ii) Repatriation Health Benefits Card issued by the Department of Veterans’ Affairs
      iii) Health Care Card

b) Persons (and dependants of persons) in receipt of AUSTUDY or ABSTUDY.

c) Persons (and dependants of persons) in receipt of the Youth Allowance.

d) Persons (and dependants of persons) who are inmates of a custodial institution.

If the concession is valid for the full enrolment period, then all eligible units commenced within that period attract the concession rate. If the concession is valid for part of the enrolment period, then only eligible units commenced on or after the start date and prior to the expiry of the concession attract the concession rate.

Note: concessions exclude existing worker trainees. An existing worker is defined as a person employed with the same employer continuously for more than three months full time, or 12 months casual or part time, or a combination of both, immediately prior to the commencement date of a training contract.

The course content is accessed via our online student portal with additional learning materials also available. Please note due to copyright the digital training manuals cannot be printed or edited. If required, hard copy manuals may be purchased at additional cost, prices vary depending on the course.

  • Online access videos tutorials covering key learning concepts
  • Electronic pdf learner guide
  • Activity sheets and calculation templates
  • Case studies
  • Sample Exercises

Certificate IV in Accounting and Bookkeeping
Hard copy manuals can be purchased at additional cost of $249 incl postage. Except for units FNSACC426, FNSTPB411 and FNSACC421 which are purchased separately (approx. $220 ex postage) from an external publisher, full details are provided on enrolment.

Certificate III in Accounts Administration
If required, hard copy manuals can be purchased at additional cost of $220 incl postage. Except for units FNSACC426, and FNSINC311 which are purchased separately (approx. $123 ex postage) from an external publisher, full details are provided on enrolment.

Certificate III in Business (Administration)
Currently, hard copy manuals are not available for this course.

These course are all offered as online study which is a convenient, effective and affordable way to learn when and where you want.

We provide you with the following:

  • Quality materials
  • Videos and webinars
  • Amazing Support from our assessors and student support team
  • Online assessments and exams
  • Student Facebook group

Our courses have been developed to give you flexibility so that you can study at your own pace, in your own time and in your own environment. The best part is, with Applied Education we provide a high level of support to our trainees and are here throughout your study journey.


Your learning journey is about becoming "competent" in the subject matter. Our in house course writers and assessment team all have accounting and bookkeeping experience or are currently working in the industry. With this in mind we try and make the tasks relevant to what you will experience in the real world. The purpose is not to just pass or fail, rather to become competent using these skills which you can then apply in the real world.


Before starting your course, you will need to complete a Language, Literacy and Numeracy (LLN) questionnaire. This quick questionnaire is used to determine your LLN skill level so that we can best support you in your studies.

Introductory Requirements & Units

The Introductory Requirements include an Oral Communication Skills Assessment and a Work Health and Safety Assessment.

The Unit assessments and examinations are completed using a variety of methods and are submitted via our online student portal. They are open book, from either your home, office or classroom, and include multiple choice quizzes, short answer, calculations and exams.

Accounting unit assessments use MYOB or Xero (both are supplied).

Open-book exams (FNS40217 only)

Tax Practitioners Board Licensing Course units include an exam component, which needs to be independently supervised. Exams are three-hour, open-book assessments comprising of short answer and multiple choice questions, very similar in format to the unit assessments.

Exams must be completed within your course duration period. Prior to your exam, you will need to complete and return the Supervisor Nomination Form to Applied Education detailing your supervisor's information, contact details and the elected date of your assessment.

Exams can be undertaken at any location and time of your choosing, with the only condition being that you have a nominated, independent supervisor present. Your supervisor can be a person of responsibility such as a registered tax agent, member of an accounting professional body, public servant, doctor, nurse, police officer, director etc. who does not have a close personal or professional relationship with you.

If you cannot arrange a supervisor then we offer online supervision with one of our staff members via Skype.

If you require supervision of an assessment by Applied Education, additional costs may apply. Refer to Student Handbook.

For FNS40222 Certificate IV in Accounting and Bookkeeping, you will receive a 24-month student membership to the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers (RRP $132) at no additional cost.

ICB Membership Students

Depending on the course you choose, you will need:

  • A reliable internet connection as all data files and learning activities are available via our Student Platform.
  • Microsoft Word and Excel.
  • A computer with a Microsoft Windows operating system#, is need to complete the accounting courses (FNS40222 and FNS30322)

#Mac Users, Tablets and MYOB

MYOB software cannot be downloaded to tablets including Chromebooks and since 2020, and is not compatible with Apple’s operating system. If you only have access to a Mac computer, we recommend you first confirm if the following options are feasible on your computer:

  • purchase and install on your mac a windows emulator such as "parallels" to run windows on a Mac at your own cost; or
  • use the free inbuilt Mac Boot Camp Assistant on your Mac computer and purchase a Windows OS software license.

Note: Applied Education and MYOB are unable to support issues relating to a Mac computer.

Students residing outside of Western Australia may be eligible for publicly-funded training if:

  • the training contract is registered in Western Australia; and
  • the workplace is in Western Australia; and
  • the training occurs in Western Australia, unless the training is only available in another state or territory.

International students and some temporary residents are charged at rates determined by TAFE International Western Australia.

Persons holding a temporary visa of sub-class 309, 820, 826 or secondary holders of a temporary visa of sub-class 457 are to be treated as Australian residents for fee-charging purposes and are also eligible for fee waivers and concessions.

The Jobs and Skills WA Employer Incentive (the incentive) provides financial assistance to Western Australian businesses who employ an apprentice or new entrant trainee and who have lodged the training contract for registration on or after 1 July 2019.

Commencement and completion incentives are available for employers who have a ‘New Worker' Australian trainee. The employer can receive up to $2125 on completion of the accredited course.

The Jobs & Skills WA website provides information and fact sheets relating to employer incentives, eligibility and application.

At Applied Education, we believe in equipping our students with the tools they need to succeed. That's why we're proud to offer a complimentary Office 365 A1 subscription to all of our students. This includes web access to Microsoft's top applications like Outlook, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and OneNote, as well as your very own student email address. Not only will you be able to create and collaborate on amazing content with the 365 Office app, but your student email address also comes with exclusive discounts and special student pricing at many popular businesses and online stores. Start taking advantage of this as soon as you enrol.

Government Funding Options 2

Interested in a Traineeship?

For further information about our courses as a trainee, enrolment process and fees, please book an enrolment consultation or contact us on (08) 9221 0955 or [email protected]

Student Support - The Applied Education Difference

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    and can book a welcome call

  • Online Support

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Accreditation & Industry Partners

As a Registered Training Organisation (ID 52240), we comply with the government’s strict quality and consistency standards. We conduct regular audits to ensure we keep this accreditation and deliver the level of training you deserve.

Nationally Recognised Training - FNS40222 Certificate IV in Accounting and Bookkeeping, FNS30322 Certificate III in Accounts Administration and BSB30120 Certificate III in Business are recognised in all states and territories of Australia.

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