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Why Re-Skilling remains a hot topic discussed by 10’s of Thousands of Workers During the Epidemic

April 30, 2020

Why this is the time to start up-skilling and re-skilling. Confidence in the Australian job security is slowly deteriorating every day. Confusion and uncertainty are looming over this unprecedented economic disaster. “With the Australian unemployment rate expected to reach 10% — or 1.4 million out of work — amid the coronavirus pandemic, job seekers are […]

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a mentor for studying

A mentor may be the key to successful studying

August 1, 2019

Having a great mentor in your professional life is a huge asset, but have you considered a mentor for studying? For most students, study has to fit around work and family commitments and that juggle can become overwhelming and a challenge to your success. At Applied Education, many of our students start their studies after […]

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creating new habits

Creating New Habits

May 14, 2019

Human beings are often described as creatures of habit, but the truth is, behaviour change is hard. As busy people, making a change either means cramming something else into our days, or replacing something that we’re used to doing. Neither option is especially easy, but with planning, making a change is possible. Whether you are […]

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Everyone can benefit from online learning

November 19, 2018

Online study is more than just a convenient way for you to fit study around your work and other commitments, although convenience is definitely one of the perks. Other benefits include the lower price point, no commute time, and, of course, being able to study in your pyjamas (hallelujah!). More and more people are choosing […]

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How study can benefit more than just your career

August 27, 2018

We all know the importance of a good education early on, but additional study can benefit more than just your career. We know that a strong academic foundation can help to set you up in life; it can open doors and create opportunities throughout your career and personal life. However, many of us cease academic […]

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5 things you shouldn’t do with your tax refund

August 17, 2018

It’s that time of year when many of us eagerly await our financial ‘bonus’, an anticipated refund from the tax man. We spend hours daydreaming about the ways we could spend the money, and it’s easy to justify a bit of a splurge to ourselves, but is that really the best use of this sudden […]

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