How study can benefit more than just your career

How study can benefit more than just your career 1We all know the importance of a good education early on, but additional study can benefit more than just your career.

We know that a strong academic foundation can help to set you up in life; it can open doors and create opportunities throughout your career and personal life. However, many of us cease academic study after entering the workforce. We get caught up in the routine of life; we’re busy working to hold down a job to meet our financial goals or pressures. Family commitments take priority and we may feel somewhat guilty for using any spare time for ourselves.

But choosing to study again in your adulthood can enrich your life in several ways. For starters, you’ll give your career a boost by learning new skills and keeping up with changes in technology. It’s not just for those seeking a career change either – gaining a qualification in your current field can lead to a higher earnings rate, putting you in a better position financially.

You’ll become more adaptable and less averse to change, as you’ll be harnessing your problem-solving skills and creativity. Improving these skills can be highly beneficial to many areas of your life, not just your work. You’ll be better equipped to handle unexpected situations life throws at you by approaching them with the same analytical skills used in your studies. Being confident in your ability to face new problems may even promote a more positive outlook on life in general. Your cognitive function and memory will improve, along with your organisational and time-management ability.

Yes – you’ll need to put aside some time to commit to your studies, but the sense of accomplishment you’ll feel will be well worth it. Think about how much time you spend currently doing things that are of no benefit to you in the long run. Can any of that time be better spent? Do you really need to scroll through Facebook for hours or watch re-runs of Friends for the umpteenth time?

Don’t go cancelling your Netflix subscription or that barely-used gym membership just yet though. While you will need to free up some time from somewhere in your life, physical activity and entertainment are important in maintaining your overall health and wellbeing and will improve your ability to focus when you do sit down to study. (Okay, maybe binge-watching 10 episodes in one sitting isn’t exactly healthy, but the point is that you should be able to fit study in with your life without having to sacrifice too much of everything else.)

Now that you know study can be beneficial at any stage of life, it’s just a matter of getting started. If you can strike the right balance between living your life today and planting the seeds for a better tomorrow, you’ll experience an immense feeling of satisfaction in achieving something for yourself.

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