‘Soft skills’ essential for accounting career success

An article published by the Institute of Public Accountants highlights the importance of soft skills for Accountants. Many firms are moving away from a compliance focus to becoming a regular business advisor  for clients. Soft skills are therefore becoming an essential ability of accountants in the modern workplace.

Soft skills are a combination of interpersonal people skills, social skills, communication skills and emotional intelligence quotient (EQ) among others that enable people to effectively navigate their environment, work well with others and achieve their goals with complementing hard (technical) skills. (Source - Wikipedia)

There is clear evidence to show that students that focus on gaining both technical and soft skills during their study are far more likely to end up being employed in their chosen field of accounting. As a student, soft skills can be developed and practiced through engaging with professional associations. This can be done by joining as a student member and attending social networking events, training seminars and discussion groups.

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