Future bright for bookkeeper jobs to 2019

If you are considering a job in bookkeeping then now is the time to take that leap. Employment opportunities are looking great for Bookkeepers with employment growth through to 2019 expected.

Here are some interesting statistics from the Australian Government Job Outlook;

  • Average age group is 45 to 54 years old (29.9%)
  • Employment for Bookkeepers to 2019 is expected to grow. Employment in this very large occupation (111,300 in November 2014) remained relatively steady in the past five years and fell slightly in the long-term (ten years).
  • Unemployment for Bookkeepers is below average
  • Job Openings to November 2019 is predicted to be more than 50,000.
  • Education profile for Bookkeepers is Diploma of Advanced Diploma Level. 21.2% of bookkeepers listing this – Did you know Applied Education offer both these courses?  Certificate IV in Bookkeeping is the recommended minimum requirement of course for Self Employed Bookkeepers by the Tax Practitioners Board.
  • 92.5% of Bookkeepers are female with average hours work of 38.7 hours for full time workers (compared to 40.9 for other occupations)
  • Average weekly earnings not including super were $1,000 (Aug 2013 compared to $1152 for all occupations)
  • Presently 111,300 people listing their occupation as a bookkeeper in Australia with this rising to 121,700 in 2019

I’m sure you already know this, According to research the best Skills of a bookkeeper are – Active Listening, reading comprehension and speaking. Least required skill is Negotiation, Instructing and Systems Analysis.

If you'd like to find out more about how you can become a bookkeeper, please contact us on (08) 9221 0955 to discuss your options.

Dan Logan

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