Xero and MYOB Side by Side Comparison


Which is Better, Xero or MYOB? We do a quick run through so you can see for yourself and compare the two cloud applications.

We dive into these cloud accounting packages and see how they compare. From Xero and MYOB pricing, functionality and feel one of our trainers gives their thoughts on how they stack up.

Topics Covered and Comparisons

  1. Dashboards in MYOB V's Xero
  2. How much does Xero Accounting Cost Compared to MYOB Essentials?
  3. How to Invoice in Xero and MYOB
  4. Bank feeds in Xero and MYOB comparison.
  5. Importing scanned invoices or images into MYOB Essentials V's Xero Hubdoc
  6. Reporting in Xero compared to MYOB


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