How to Insert Progress Lines into Gantt Charts

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Create awesome Gannt charts and baseline your project to wow your clients and peers at your next meeting. Plan and Schedule with confidence.

To create a visual representation of the progress of your project, you can display progress lines on your Gantt Chart.

  1. On the View menu, click Gantt Chart.
  2. On the Tools menu, point to Tracking, and then click Progress Lines.
  3. Click the Dates and Intervals tab.
  4. Select display options for your progress lines:
    • To always display the current progress line, select the Always display current progress line check box, and then click At project status date or At current date to indicate where you want the progress line drawn.
    • To display a progress line at specific time intervals, select the Display progress lines at recurring intervals check box, click DailyWeekly, or Monthly to specify a time interval, and then click the options you want.
    • To begin progress lines at the beginning of the project, under Begin at, click Project start; otherwise, click the date option and then type or select the date on which you want the progress lines to start.
    • To display a progress line on a specific date, select the Display selected progress lines check box, and then type or select the dates for which you want progress lines displayed. To delete a date for which you have set progress lines, select it, and then click Delete.
  5. To show progress compared with a baseline plan, under Display progress lines in relation to, click Baseline plan.
  6. To change the appearance of your progress lines, click the Line Styles tab and then select the Line style options you want.


  • You can quickly add a progress line to your project by using the mouse. On the View menu, point to Toolbars, and then click Tracking. Click Add Progress Line, and then click the area of the Gantt Chart where you want to draw the progress line.

To remove a progress line with the mouse, double-click the progress line, click the Dates and Intervals tab, select the progress date in the Progress Line Dates list, and then click Delete.

  • You can set defaults to specify how Microsoft Office Project will automatically adjust where actuals and remaining work are placed according to the status date of the project.
  • Progress lines are drawn across the Gantt bar based on a task's cumulative percentage of completion up to the date you specify. To ensure that peaks are drawn correctly, or to show work that is ahead of schedule, changes to the total percent complete should spread to the status date. On the Tools menu, click Options, click the Calculation tab, and then under Calculation options for, select the Edits to total task % complete will be spread to the status date check box.
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