Why is a Qualified Payroll Officer Important in 2020?


Properly trained payroll staff who are able to process payroll and comply with the latest legislation, rates and rulings are critical for business compliance and success.

Why are businesses are looking for specialised skills in payroll?

With regular announcements of underpayment of staff in the news recently from big businesses including Coles, ABC and high profile employers such as celebrity chefs, it is impertive employers ensure all their payroll staff are qualified payroll officers and undertake regular training in payroll practices and payroll obligations.

Specialised Payroll skills, duties and responsibilties

Payroll has become a specialised function within the accounting and bookkeeping sector. Payroll officers need specific skills and knowledge relating to compliance with duties such as

  • PAYG tax calculations
  • Leave entitlements
  • Superannuation
  • Payroll Tax
  • Fair work act obligations
  • Termination of employment payments
  • Tax Office compliance and reporting for year end and BAS

Latest Rates and Rulings

Payroll officers need to stay up-to-date on legislation, rates and awards that affect their industry. Any changes can have significant implications on a business with possibly costly penalties if not implemented.

Key component to business success

Payroll is an essential and complex part of any business. Payroll staff need to ensure the business complies with the latest rates and legislation. They also produced operational reports for management that can be used to help a business grow, manage expenses and show discrepancies in labour skills.

Essential skills and traits for Payroll

  1. A Nationally recognised qualification and current knowledge
  2. Strong numeracy and analytical skills
  3. Attention to detail ensuring compliance and reporting standards
  4. Strong communication and administrative skills
  5. Decision making and ability to prioritise
  6. Responsible, Professional and Discrete
  7. Proficiency in accounting software

Payroll Qualifications and Experience

Applied Education is a leader in online Payroll training in both software and the payroll skills and knowledge required to manage payroll in the workplace. Choose a course that is relevant to your experience and career pathway. It is also important to check that the course provider have experienced trainers, include the latest rates and legislation and use current accounting software packages. Course options include:

FNS50417 Diploma of Payroll Services

Short courses in Payroll Administration

Xero Accounting and Payroll courses

MYOB courses

If you would like to know more about our online training courses, please contact us us on 1800 678 073.

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